Tuesday, 7 June 2011

where'd you rather....

My view last week.  You may have gathered that I've become a bit of a 'conyurt' (ha ha!). I wish I'd taken more pictures.  Today I'm looking out on a damp, rainy lane, trying not to wish I was back at last Tuesday when we were all on holiday, looking forward to a few days of sunshine.

I've tried to be a good homebody today - I walked the walk this morning, lifted the weights that I hope will stave off wings of the bingo variety, I ate my very healthy lentil and sweet potato soup and dusted the living room - that took longer than I thought.  I wrote a few things, tore beautiful and interesting bits and pieces from my magazine stash (now recycling) and generally did pottery, domestic things.

Tomorrow I'm back to college to discuss a couple of books and I realise as I'm writing, I've misplaced the actual assignment.  It's also the degree show private view tomorrow night which I'm looking forward to.  The fine art students finishing this year are the ones I started my access course with all those years ago.  I'm interested to see how their work has developed and what they're working on now.  I imagine there's quite a lot of nervous energy both positive and not so positive flying around.  Somehow I wish I was part of it this year.

I've been listening to artists' Desert Island Discs recently.  Today was Rachel Whiteread and Sam Taylor-Wood.  Last week I downloaded Grayson Perry's collection.  You can search the archive by profession which I find very interesting.  RW and STW both chose Nick Cave.  They're also running a 'choose your own' DID project which I keep reminding myself to do.

My initial 'top of my head' list, looks like this:

In the Ghetto - Elvis Presley
Forever in Blue Jeans - Neil Diamond
Mad about the Boy - Ella Fitzgerald or is it Etta James?
Say a little Prayer - Aretha Franklin
Under Pressure - David Bowie
Something by Faithless
There's a track by Primal Scream on the Trainspotting album whose name I can't remember without looking up
Star Guitar - Chemical Brothers
Use it up and Wear it Out - Odyssey
Ain't no mountain high enough - Diana Ross
Miss Sarajevo - US/Pavarotti
Driving on 9 - The Breeders
Something by Nirvana

Apologies for the randomness.  I'm not nearly high-falutin-enough.  I need to work on it further.  Perhaps you'd like to do yours too?  That's what rainy days are made for, surely?


Only Me said...

'Conyurt' - tee hee,I like it!

I'd need to have a little think about my list but ... The Specials' Rat Race, Dolly's Islands in the Stream would definitely be there and probably Adele's, Rolling in the Deep - that's quite random too.

hausfrau said...

Not idling today then.
I too meant to do the Desert list, but it was only open for a week and we've missed it now. Results on saturday morning I think. I got as far as Leonard Cohen (saw Bird on a Wire at a formative age), The Beetles (early pop, can't go further than Sgt. Pepper and generally hate their solo stuff, sang it with mother and now with girls) and a Mozart clarinet thing that Husband took me to live and CD played as Youngest was delivered, added Dark Side of the Moon for all my school friends and then thought I'd rather have Seventh Sojourn and Supertramp.. didn't sort it til I'd missed the 2pm deadline!

Sue Gee said...

My Word - you managed to jog my memory and take me back time when I listened to this - It seems forever ago...... it was forever ago! I then followed your link and have just lost two hours and considerable MB engrossed in music and celebrity choices. I seem to have an afinity with Steve Coogan and would have to be marooned with him if I were to have to share a disc collection with anyone!
thanks for the link - I will be spending an awful lot of time catching up on the last 27 years! Will work on my list and publish on my blog - Have already decided that Nellie the Elephant is a must have!