Tuesday, 28 June 2011

when I'm not blogging....

I'm having far too much of a good time.  Since my last blog I have several entertainments to confess:

- a night of Simple Minds at Westonbirt Arboretum (slightly damp but very entertaining - the audience was a certain age - middle yet slightly infantile and prepared to dance with gay abandon)

- a visit to the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy (hot, airless but very entertaining - the gallery goers were a fascinatingly mixed bunch from the fedora-ed to the hoody-ed)

- a night in Hyde Park with Kings of Leon and Paul Weller (great gig - shame about the audience although that might just be my middle age talking.  When did grown women start taking their shirts off whilst sat on wobbly boyfriends' shoulders?  Did we always throw beer (or worse - yuck) and how much warm Jaegermeister does it take for men to start fighting - not a lot it seems).  Thank God for KoL

- did a bit of armchair Glasto with friends, had the annual discussion about buying a van and going next year (ha, ha, it's not on!), accompanied by my ever-growing projectforty reasons for NOT going EVER:

the sound is better via satellite
you can make a cup of tea whilst you're waiting for the headliners
there's no one throwing beer
you don't have to walk to the back of a crowd of people and watch a screen, you can just watch a screen  under a blanket with a nice glass of merlot
tent erecting is not required
the beer is cooler at home
you can watch it with people  you like
you don't have to engage in banter with fellow festival goers
you don't get welly-rub (or trench foot, or sunburn)
you can see the dancing better (I'm having a Beyonce moment)

I know this list makes me sound ever-so-slightly curmudgeonly but I don't care.  I think anyone over 40 should really think about whether they want to put themselves through the grief and trauma of potential long-term neck twisting.  I'd rather have a nice city-break to Morocco or a weekend at a spa.  I may have the odd timewarp moment and think I can trip off to this gig and that but the time has come - I know my limits.


Lu said...

wrong, wrong, wrong! At the age of 54 I have just been to Glastonbury for the 3rd time - I have had to come back because it is so wonderful and I wish I had done it years ago. You will have experiences that you just cannot get from watching it on TV. I had some fabulous conversations and dances with complete strangers, saw some amazing bands that you didn't see, and any number of other weird, wonderful and beautiful sights and sounds. And noone threw any beer. I have learnt over the 3 years how to make the most of it and avoid some of the grot, but it's all apart of the fantastic Glasto experience!

Jane Housham said...

Couldn't agree more! But I was ever so slightly uncomfortable with Beyonce on the Pyramid stage (but not as curmudgeonly about it as Zane Lowe).

projectforty said...

hi Lu - good for you, I just know that my tolerance levels just won't let me cope graciously with the less exciting aspects of festival life. Perhaps I'll get braver. I do go to Port Eliot every year but it's tiny in comparison.

Sue Gee said...

Our local Grahamstown Arts Festival starts this weekend - its the largest in South Africa. Your blog makes it sound like a tame Victorian recital! (Grahamtown was were the British 1820 settlers arrived do its quite apt)No throwing beer,shirt abandonment or trench foot. Here people have turned the wellington boot into a musical instrument to slap rhythmically while wearing them to dance - the locals do it really well. I think it may go down rather well at Glastonbury!

Only Me said...

I'm with you on the Glastonbury front - I'd much rather watch it from my own front room. I did go in my 'yoof', had a great time despite the weather and the horrid toilets but now I'm of a certain age, I do like an en suite!

hausfrau said...

I am far too fond of my creature comforts to contemplate attendance at anything where camping is required. Husband is still trying to get over my assertion that even Chelsea is better on the telly - we went once and saw almost nothing over the sea of umbrellas... I see you curmudgeons and raise you a churl!