Sunday, 5 June 2011

what's occuring?

I've got a touch of blogitis.  I think it might be a seasonal thing.  Like hayfever.

Nevertheless, here I am, keystrokes at the ready, not really knowing what to write about beyond listing what I/we have been up to in the last fortnight.

I finished my assessments and find myself quite pleased.  I'm now confident that I've chosen the right degree (unlike the first time) which reassures me that I'll be able to complete my course (unlike the first time).  I'm a little bit worried that the summer break will make me feel as if I'm starting again in September but I've decided to enter a couple of competitions and draw something every day (as recommended by all our tutors last September).

Despite my (mis-placed) horror of slimming clubs, I've signed up here.  I'm on my second week and about 4lbs down.  I decided that finishing college would leave me some free time that I could use to focus on getting a little healthier and a little lighter.  If I'm being really honest, I just want to look better - pure vanity.  There is still a little part of me though that rails against the pressure to be thinner - why should we conform, why should we be judged and judge each other that way?  I suppose there always has been a part of me that thinks that and that's why I've always got slightly bigger!  So, we'll see.  I'm going to go along until the summer holidays and see how I do. 

I did a little of this to help with the above and, as always, enjoyed it thoroughly.  I've never been part of a global fitness phenomenon before and it amazes me that Zumba has reached our tiny village halls.  I don't know why but there's something very enjoyable about doing a little mambo at 9.30am in deepest Wiltshire.

We went here and stayed in this:

It was fantastic.  We were given a great welcome by Thea, Laurie and their lovely children, with a basket of produce and a tour of the facilities.  With only five yurts on the site, we felt the to-dos and lists of home, work and school just disappear.  Solar power, composting loos (much better than you'd think) and running water were all we needed.  We were also provided with an intriguing outdoor fridge which worked amazingly without electricity.  I think it uses some kind of evaporation science and was originally developed in hot countries to keep food cold.  The nearest description I could find online was this.  Ours was encased in a crate with a wooden door and mint planted on the top - very lovely!

While we were there we visited New Quay and saw some of these:

I was amazed to see dolphins off the UK coast.  Thankfully, the worker ran back to the car park to get the camera.  We had fish and chips afterwards and a sunny afternoon back at the yurt.

We left quite early on Friday to get to the beach at Penbryn which was beautiful.  We made our way home via here.  I had a lovely time!


marigold jam said...

All looks great to me - must remember that wool museum for next time I am in Pembrokeshire as it looks well worth a visit and isn't far from where my friend lives.

I spent a holiday in a yurt once but that was situated in an olive grove in Turkey - wonderful!

Good luck with the slimming - do it for yourself and because it makes you feel better and not for some idea that we must all be stick thin and look like models!

Jennifer Tetlow said...

The Yurt Farm looks fabulous and I am tempted myself! Sounds like you had a wonderful time - and to see the dolphins!

If this is blogitis, I need to catch it!

hausfrau said...

I know that feeling of what on earth to write - but 42 followers: that's the meaning of life!
Felt you were standing in front of me like an airline employee pointing at exits as I read 'here' and 'here' and 'this'...
(Word verification: 'yogeddet' presumeably in honour of the camping experience?)

projectforty said...

Sorry for the airhostess instructions! I thought you might like a little extra web-wandering. Apologies also for double-bubble dolphin photo. I feel I'm reaching my technological peak.

Only Me said...

There is something about spotting a dolphin - they are amazing. I remember a very long time ago opening the curtains at a cottage in Port Isaac and there was a shoal of dolphins swimming along.
The Yurt sounds great fun - I had a little browse at their website.

Sue Gee said...

I have pods of dolphins that swim past the pier at the end of our road and my heart jumps each timei see them - they really are magical creatures! Love them!!! Looks like you are having a great Spring adventure!