Monday, 2 May 2011

that was the weekend that was.....

I'm struggling to know where to begin.

Here are the aunt-related happenings I shall cherish from our fun-packed Royal Wedding weekend:

- my aunts arriving just in time to finalise their entry into the great cake competition at my daughter's primary school

- running across the allotment with decorated cakes and a mini-bride and groom and arriving just before the judging

- one aunt having to stay behind to be interviewed on South African radio about her visit to England and the mood of the country

- aunts winning said cake competition and wearing their fascinators whilst accepting the prize

- the ladies of the house drawing their prediction of the wedding dress the night before (congratulations, J)

- one aunt sporting a replica of THE engagement ring

- aunts wearing wedding attire for the duration of the wedding on the telly

- our matching sparkly-crown t-shirts (a triumph!)

- one aunt taking photographs of the telly to 'prove' she was there

- same aunt throwing confetti when the newly weds emerged from the church

- visiting our local pub and the only street party in the village and having a bottle of babycham between us

- taking in a Saturday morning tour of Wiltshire taking photographs of cow parsley, gates, fields, hedges, the bollards outside Highgrove, flags, lilac, bluebells, horse chestnuts, laburnum, viburnum, window displays, Tetbury, hedgerows, postboxes, fingerpost signs

- making a new draught excluder from my new Royal Wedding fabric (thank you, S)

- making cupcakes today with E as it's obviously genetic

I miss them already and I'm quite sure it would have passed us all by almost un-noticed otherwise. Come back soon!


Only Me said...

I think your aunts are fab, fun and fantastic and it was a lovely wedding too.

Sue Gee said...

We giggled all the way to Tonbridge Wells and would have dragged you around the Pantiles and into numerous baking shops - had you been available! Now back up north in 'Stelens' and plotting our next journey to Windermere when we will be wearing matching sailors caps and striped T shirts and baking nautical cupcakes!