Monday, 18 April 2011

third time lucky....

...this is the third time I've tried to post today.  Hurrah - I finally made it!

What have we been doing?  It's the Easter holidays you know - too cold for sunbathing, too warm for knitting (already!), too chilly for picnics.  This is the not quite right school holidays.  Easter is inbetweeny, not quite long enough holidays. not quite sunny enough holidays.

This holiday, I have stuck to my guns about one day in, one day out.  The day out might not be very exciting and there have been complaints but J has spent a lot less time in his pyjamas which can only be a GOOD thing.  February half term was a fug of hot tea, toast and slippers.  I can't live like that for a fortnight.  There are things to be done and places to go.  There are days out to be had and by gum, we're going to enjoy them.

Last week we had some firsts:
- we had a snack in Greggs (you should have seen the size of the buns), now entitled 'E's favourite new shop'
- we visited Marlborough's Rabley Drawing Centre to see this which was great and required the wearing of white cotton gloves
- we took a trip to Avebury and bought a crystal each for a £1

Cake, culture and crystals.  Not a combination you experience every week.  We like to find entertainment in the simplest of things - obviously!

E & I had a weekend with 'the girls'.  Lots of shopping, a walk along the Thames, a most delicious burger from a place called Byron and a girls' night in watching Britain's Got Talent.  We took the train which was very relaxing and easy peasy.  A proper weekend away.  The boys played football, watched football, talked about football and ate curry and breakfast.

I am hoping to get to the Sculpture Trail here but time is already filtering through our fingers.  Tomorrow we're out and about on another first - we holidaymakers are having our eyes tested (again - simple pleasures).  The last time I had mine looked at was, I think, when I was pregnant and it was free.  The optician informed me that I could have glasses 'if I liked'.  I didn't. 

E has seen a nice purple pair she fancies and J doesn't understand why we need to go.  The reason, I'm afraid is guilt.  The last time I took J to the doctor's because of a persistent headache, the doctor informed me that I should have had J&E's eyes tested every year since starting school.  It hadn't even occurred to me and I'm very obedient on the health front - always in the queue for vaccines or whatnots.  So, whoops, we should have gone to Specsavers so we're going - I hope Greggs is shut.


Only Me said...

It will be a grand trip to Specsavers. Both the girls and I love having our eyes tested. It's D that I really need to get there but, he has self-tested his sight in Poundland, and bought himself a pair of glasses for (you guessed it) - a pound, I'm not convinced.
Enjoy your buns!

Sue Gee said...

its never too warm to knit - I knit in Africa so thats no excuse, Looking forward to our trek south - we have our wedding fascinators and outfits - I hope there is an occassion to wear them LOL (no pressure)