Tuesday, 12 April 2011

I love Paddington station - the smell, the noise, the sound of wheelie suitcases, the screech of the whistles and the general mutterings of all those arriving and departing.

The heat had already proved too much for some.

My first stop?  The Nancy Spero exhibition at The Serpentine. 

Something lovely on the stroll there.

It was difficult to contemplate Spero's dark, haunting work when confronted with Hyde Park and London at their glorious, spring best.  I should have gone in February.  I went because of a review I'd seen lying around at college - feminist, anti-war, philosopher, text were the words that inspired my trip.  The work was full of angst and repeated images.  I'm no art critic, however.  I can't describe the exhibition beyond those terms - ask me next year, maybe, when I'm steeped in art lingo.

Spero wasn't the main attraction though, I'd booked a ticket to see Julie Mehretu speak about her work at the British Museum.  I've been writing about her in my first year essay so was intrigued to hear her description of her work and how it feels to be included in the latest drawing exhibition at the Museum.  She was very engaging and very open about how she works and what her process is and how it has developed.  She is feted as a global artist - not only because of her own personal background but in terms of her visual imagery and use of architectural drawings and marks. 

Apart from speakers who come to college, it was the first artists' talk I'd ever attended.  I think I'll go to more.  It made me think about whether it is important to be based in London - especially as one of the main themes of the discussion was about the move from rural to urban settings that has meant more people now live in cities than in the countryside across the world.

After the talk it was time to get Paddington and the bonus of some glorious music played by these people.


Only Me said...

There is something very exciting about arriving in London - the anticipation and buzz of having come from the quieter pace of rural green Wiltshire.
There is just so much to see, appreciate and do in the city but, for me, I love to visit and do for a day or two, and then come away again.
Great photos too.

Sue Gee said...

When one gets tired of London - one is tired of life! Didnt someone famous say that?