Monday, 28 March 2011

spring has sprung...

It takes me a while to wake up after winter.  This year has been a little different.  I seem to have perked up a little earlier than usual although, thinking about it, Easter is later than usual.  That might be why I'm feeling a little more with it than I usually do by the end of March.

Most of the excitements in our house happen around autumn (birthdays) and winter (Christmas).  I'm often berated for looking forward to the nights drawing in and the fire going on.  I love the cosiness of winter and the home-centred-ness of it all.

Spring and summer, on the other-hand, give me a mild sense of panic.  There are so many things that need to get going and be done from the garden to the housework to the summer wardrobe.  I often feel quite overwhelmed by this time of year. 

I never have any suitable shoes to wear having lived in boots since September 1st, every window in the house needs a thorough cleanse, tone and moisturise,  the garden threatens to burst into life at any moment and then there's the allotment - a time gobbling monster all on its own.  The kids seem to need something new of everything and there's nothing worth watching on telly because the BBC thinks we're all growing our own and enjoying cider out on the patio.

I like spring but, if I'm honest, I'm over all the sun and warmth by the time the the bluebells have arrived and gone.  For me summer just creates tricky sartorial and heat-related issues.  I'm always hot, full of hayfever and wondering whether to undergo pedicure boot-camp.  I'm a shade lover, not a sun worshipper, not least because as soon as I expose my lily-white, woollyback skin to that orange globe in the sky, I develop what the Worker lovingly (?) calls my doley tan or, rather stripes.  I get brown arms, slightly milky legs, deeply bronzed chest and a slightly pinker face.  I look like a battenburg cake that's been left in the cake tin to go a little flaky.  Summer sun is not my friend.

Yes, I know, there's sunblock and I'm a big fan but no matter where I put it or how much I put on, there's always a stripe developing somewhere.  Stripes do not help on the sartorial level either.  Little strappy top?  Inadvisable pour moi at the best of times, any time from Whitsun half term and it looks as if I'm wearing two.  Not a good look.

So, this week I am looking for a panama hat, palazoo pants and a kaftan.  The new season of fitflops is also available, I see.  Roll on summer!


hausfrau said...

I noticed to my horror Twiggy modeling a kaftan in the latest M&S ad. She shouldn't go there. Having owned one, aged about 14, which I wore once, because it was a gift, I know that it is a very bad look unless you are VERY tall and even then... Stripes are a natural part of a gardener's life: be proud!

Only Me said...

I know what you mean about the sunblock - I tend to have a burn and peel method which isn't very attractive.

Hope you find a lovely panama and enjoy the garden.

Carolyn said...

OMG, this is like me, writing to me! I'm totally with everything you say - especially on the sartorial front. I live in Uggs/Converse/Wellies in the winter and flipflops/Converse or Crocs in the summer. And don't even get me started on the heat issues.... Very enjoyable post, good reading!