Wednesday, 9 March 2011

proof I am a goldfish

Conversation with tutor went something like this...

"so, where are you?"
"just about where you left me last session."
"what are you working on?"
"same as before, am thinking about textile-ing the whole thing up a bit"


"I thought you were going to concentrate on doing some close observational drawings"
"I would, if I had more than 10 minutes to concentrate on anything at any one time"
"I can see that in your sketchbook ......(drum roll here, please) don't actually have to finish a drawing in ten minutes, you know, you could spend ten minutes, leave it and then go back to the same drawing."

Now....correct me if I'm wrong....I would say there are two types of people:

people A - people who do ten things at once, scattering and accumulating time on them continuously
people B - people who do one thing at once, spending consecutive chunks of time on each thing sequentially

I would fall into a third category

people C - people who try to do ten things all at the same time, get all those ten things to a point where they might just about be finished but not quite and then abandon them mid-doing to attend to something far more urgent.

This is not working.  If you read a similar post to this in a couple of weeks time, please add a comment and prefix it with the word 'goldfish'.  There is no alternative.  I need to close observation.


Gill said...

I recognise these traits and suspect they could have something to do with responsibilities beyond the sight (and imagination?)of a bearded middle aged man. After all, someone not too far from you has a habit of going to great lengths to parcel stuff up, find the address and label it, calculate postage and stick stamps on. But does she actually post the thing? what do you reckon?

Only Me said...

Did the tumbleweed roll as you mentioned the textile word...
Good luck with the sketchbook.

hausfrau said...

So glad I don't need to explain my unfinished chores or projects to anyone, though the current state of the house may explain Husband's increasingly desperate questions about what I've been doing all day.. he doesn't have a beard (relief).