Monday, 21 March 2011

the plot thickens

You may have noticed I've had a little spring clean on the blog, just to wipe away some older links and add a couple of new ones.

Last year I had a blog about the allotment I share with my neighbour, H.  It somehow got left by the internet wayside although I really enjoyed writing about our wranges with weeds and pigeons and dog *&^%.  I've finally faced up to the fact that more than one blog is beyond my time management capabilities although I still keep my craft blog together so that I can find all my favourite knitting links in one place.  A selfish use of the interblog ether but...well...what can I say...until they start charging for it, I'm there.

I hope you won't mind but there will be an occasional horticultural post here.  Please feel free to pass quietly by.  I won't mind.  Having had my little global wobble last week, I spent the weekend sowing seeds, digging up nettles and plotting the plot.  The sunshine added its little extra magic and I slumped into bed last night with a sense of achievement, however small.  The allotment is right outside my kitchen window so, with a little effort now, I get to see the results from a few feet away.  It's all very pleasing.  My horticutural posts in June, however, are likely to be a little crosser as the weeds will be in full sway and the pigeons will have eaten the tops of my sprouts but, for the moment, I can spend a few minutes admiring the freshly dug earth and hoping for the best.

My Royal Wedding Waistline Plan is not going as well as I'd hoped.  There would be many more posts about losing the pounds and doing the zipper on my wedding skirt up a little further each week.  No matter, I've still got about six weeks.  I can always put the skirt over my head and wear it as a snood.


Only Me said...

Good morning Project Greenfingers. Tis a good feeling having spent the day outside, in the sunshine, doing good stuff and then coming inside,a little weary, but feeling great. Will there be yellow and green courgettes this year?

hausfrau said...

It is the little things in life that keep us all going, and the view of your newly dug plot must actually be one of the larger small achievements. Turning over the old compost heap and starting a new mix will have to be mine!
I'm only going to get into my wedding frock by leaving all the buttons undone and wearing something over the top to hide the back... mind, that assumes I can get my arms into the sleeves...