Monday, 7 March 2011

home alone 43

I am alone in our house and will be all week.  J went to Spain on Friday and The Worker took E skiing on Saturday. 

I have painted the shoe drawers I have had in my room since July.  I have attached handles and put them in the cupboards which The Worker painted and assembled in July.  They now contain shoes!

I have organised a salsa night for a school fundraiser and made several mojito/nojito pitchers.

I have been working on this month's articles and am nearly, so nearly finished.

I'm off to Bath today to draw in the Fashion Museum and I don't have to get back for pick up.

I have become the world's best texting mother.

Yes, it is strange being in the house by myself.  I haven't had the dishwasher on since Saturday afternoon.  I almost don't want to go out although I can, whenever I like.  I'm enjoying it, but not.  It sounds very sentimental but there are three pieces of me that I know are missing. 

On the upside?  I've also lost 2lbs and I have no need to buy biscuits until next weekend.  I may be safe.  Hurrah.   


marigold jam said...

Time alone at home is a real treat isn't it although not all the time of course! Enjoy the "you time" whilst you can.


Only Me said...

Ahh, it may sound sentimental but it's also lovely, true and honest and I can completely understand the enjoying it, but not.

Well done on the shoe drawers and enjoy the Fashion Museum - tis a lovely sunny day. XX

Gill said...

Isn't it funny - I love having the house to myself yet can't wait for it to be filled with people again! I'm glad that you're enjoying the peace and quiet and time for yourself but also pleased that they'll be back before you know it.

Congratulations on the weight too - from one who baked choc chip cookies yesterday. Why do I do it?!

hausfrau said...

I quite understand: both liberating and too full of possibilities at the same time. Try and enjoy and just keep texting!

I'm Crayon said...

The "no schedule" aspect is the heavenly part, isn't it?

Sue Gee said...

'Let there be spaces in your togetherness' - enjoy the solitude! Nothing like some quiet time to feed the soul and jum start the heart!

Curry Queen said...

Once upon a time, the Shah went to work abroad for a month. In that time I lived on Hula Hoops and the odd glass of wine. I had the whole place to myself, never had to fight with anyone over the remote and I lost half a stone. It was great!