Saturday, 12 March 2011

cupboard love

One of my favourite (and easy to access) past-times is to watch out for lovely cupboards, particularly of the office variety.  This one, at the STEAM museum in Swindon is a particularly fine example.  We possess a couple of such cupboards at home, picked up from Greenwich Market (sadly, no more)  but they're not quite as shiny and, unfortunately, vintage cupboards rarely turn up with drawers the size of A4 paper or CDs or, dare I say, wool.

They are lovely to look at though and a joy to see on tv, often in the background at a particularly emotional scene.  'South Riding' had a few and 'Downton Abbey' was a big thrill in the cupboard department.

Apologies for the rather random subject matter.   We went to STEAM as part of our 'site specific' module.  Railways aren't really my thing and the cupboards and suitcases were some of the few things I found interesting. 

As I've had time to think a little more about my course this week, I've been trying to work out why I was so uninspired and I've come to the conclusion that the museum, although, beautifully laid out and very informative was just so sanitised, making the manufacture of steam trains look like some kind of rural smithy - too clean, too tidy.  I suspect it was a hard, dirty, brutal, deafening place to work and, instead, it was all made nice and 'heritage'.  Hence my interest in the cupboards and suitcases.  Places of information and carefully collected belongings - writing and numbers and travelling things. 

And of travelling things - the honorary Spaniard is home and glued to the sport on the telly.  The skiers are on their way back.  Big breakfast tomorrow morning and roast dinner early evening.  A proper Sunday.  Yum.


hausfrau said...

Being a (largely) female household we have yet to agree to a visit to the train sheds; we more usually visit the designer outlet next door. I tend to judge museums by whether I'd give the contents houseroom and, oddly, have never fancied a train... but a cupboard!

Only Me said...

I'd love to have a nose in all those little drawers - I bet there are lots of stories behind their contents.It looks like they should be in a doctor's surgery and full of patients notes. Nice typewriter too.