Thursday, 17 March 2011

best foot forward?

I have to say this blogging lark is feeling a little superfluous at the moment.  Not least because I'm having a little private panic about global calamaties.  As a teenager, I was most disturbed on a weekly basis by Panorama and scenes of impending nuclear destruction, civil wars and famine.  Recent events have somehow re-ignited these feelings.  I feel self-centred and nonsensical blathering on about not very much when what I really want to do is concentrate on keeping our little bubble as protected and safe as it can be and appreciating our daily life in all its drama-less glory.

I'm not a person who prays - perhaps that would help - but my usual domestically-centric thoughts are flinging themselves to places and events around the world and I feel useless that I can't begin to comprehend the daily horrors that other people are facing or help or support them beyond texting my donation (usual message charges applying, of course).

The rational tactic is to "keep calm and carry on" and that wartime slogan seems more appropriate as every day passes.  Moaning and complaining about day to day life just seems wrong and selfish.  Writing about my random thoughts and sharing minutiae feels uncomfortable when images of destruction, natural or man-made are beamed to our laptops and TV minute-by-minute.  I don't feel the need to lie on a sofa and cry at the horror of it all but I do feel the need to stop babbling and piffling about. 

Perhaps I've got a dose of blogger-itis or post-fluenza.  We shall see.  In the meantime - best foot forward and as my Christmas present picture says 'If in doubt, brew up'.


marigold jam said...

I do know what you mean - I too used to have nightmares about nuclear war and so on back in my teens but I think that a little bit of trivia and brightness is actually what helps us to carry on in the light of such dreadful happenings in the world. We don't have to be uncaring nor to put such awful catastrophes out of our minds but I find it helps to accentuate the positive as it were and to do whatever we can to help and then leave the rest up to those who can actually do something about such things. I love the prayer which says:

God, grant me the serenity
To accept the things I cannot change,
Courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

And maybe then to carry on with a cup of tea to hand and some trivia to lighten the load!!

Gill said...

I'm with Marigold here. I could cry buckets for those caught up in all the troubles right now - I did, in fact, when I saw the Japanese gentleman weep for his family, lost whilst he went to work with the Tsunami emergency squad, coming home to find them all gone. With so many ordinary, innocent people involved in catastrophes whilst going about their everyday business I find myself questioning how it is that I can dwell on the frivolities of life.

Maybe we should appreciate such frivolities even more at times like this though, and feel particularly grateful for the Spring sunshine, sweet families and good friends. We are blessed.

Only Me said...

I do agree that maybe a cuppa and the day to day should be appreciated and perhaps it helps us to cope with the awful catastrophes that are occuring across the world - which are so difficult to comprehend.