Wednesday, 2 February 2011

this week I have been mostly,,,,

....wondering how to incorporate art into my daily life, as suggested by one of my tutors (the next suggestion was to draw the saucepan holding the baked beans - pururururururururrrrrrlllllllease)

...considering how we might entertain a 14 year old Spaniard who is due to arrive on Saturday, my brain is racking as I type

...working out how to squeeze working and studying and housework and gardening and sleeping and into 24 hours a day whilst remaining patient and good humoured (a perennial but unsolvable mystery)

...thanking my lucky stars that lots of people help  me out when I simply can't be in two places at once

...thinking about entering a couple of art competitions...just to see what would happen

...contemplating the notion that I might like thinking and reading about art rather than actually making it (let's hope my tutors don't read this)

...chitting my seed potatoes for my container spud experiment

...organising my sketchbooks

...watching the sky for signs of early mornings so that I can get out for a quick stomp before the house wakes up

...enjoying a visit to London....GOD I LOVE PAVEMENTS...and noise and smog and traffic and coffee shops every few yards and shops and food from everywhere in one street and galleries and museums and noise and smog and traffic and people to look at and the tube and the streets and the restaurants

...realising I don't want to live there.  I like living here.


Where the nodding violets grow said...

I know exactly what you mean about London. I visited before Christmas and absolutely loved it (especially the pavements) but was so glad to come home.

Gill said...

Does chitting count as art?


hausfrau said...

If the Spaniard is anything like the French exchanges we've had it will be sufficient to encourage game playing, some local shopping, swimming, and some TV or a film they've heard of. We had girls and they were lovely, and the games were mostly Uno, but I'm sure football would be acceptable!
I have lived in, and still love, London, but I too would rather live here.

projectforty said...

I'm not sure I could argue the case for chitting as art but perhaps the it symbolises the beginning of ideas, the sprouting of inspiration! Lord knows I need it - 4 different projects all going on at once - as bad as working for a living x

Only Me said...

I love this blog and I think you should definitely enter those art competitions.
London - Great. The Village - Great too.

Sue Gee said...

I am looking forward to your drawing of baked beans in the saucepan - I predict it will be as big a hit as 'Girl with Potatoes' or 'Tin of Heinz Soup'. i may join you and look for culinary inspiration! London - PHEW - Love it! But always come away with sore feet - must be the payments - they are made of gold are they not?