Monday, 7 February 2011

lucky strike....

Our Spanish visitor is lovely.  He is polite, charming, speaks pretty good English and seems to be enjoying himself.  He has had a trip to Gloucester to watch rugby with the gentlemen of the house and yesterday we all went to Oxford to see the dreaming spires and the Pitt Rivers Museum.

I have quite enough trouble discerning my own teenage boy's mood and have been quite anxious about judging the interests, likes and dislikes of our visitor but he seems to be fine and he appears to be settling in.  He was bundled off to school with J this morning which I think was making him a little nervous, as can be expected.  I've given him enough food to keep him going for a week and he will see his friends who have also spent the weekend with their families.  Hopefully he will have a good day.  Roast dinner for supper.  What's not to like?

It must have been a bit of a shock to the system to finish school in your own city on Friday afternoon, travel for a good few hours and arrive in a car park in Wiltshire to be taken to a village to stay in the wind and the rain to stay with a family you barely know beyond a couple of emails.  I take my hat off to him - I'm not sure how either of my two would feel about such an adventure.  He's coped brilliantly but I do hope we've made it as easy for him as possible. 

The weather here is horrible - wild and windy, not quite freezing but cold enough.  I have come home from drop off and seitched every light on in the kitchen and am trying to start my essay for college (hence the posting instead!).   The title:  'Line of enquiry: an investigation of related drawing practices."  Suggestions will be gratefully received!

Have a good week!


marigold jam said...

Sorry can't help with the essay! Sounds difficult to me! Glad you visitor is settling in and glad too that he is sening some wet and windy weather as that is typical here isn't it?!!


Sue Gee said...

How long will you spanish visitor be with you - will he still be with you in April - if so I can say "Ola!" if not say "Adios' from me! Today in PE it was 30C + and horribly humid - I went to movies to cool off with Black Swan - a little strange but a welcome break from the heat! Good luck with the essay - on lined paper?

Only Me said...

Blimey - what a title, am very glad I don't have to do essays anymore.
Hope your visitor had a good day at School - followed by a roast sounds perfect.

hausfrau said...

A brave boy indeed, hope the rest of the week goes well. Great essay title, I'm not surprised you decided to blog instead: it's such a good timewaster!

That's Not My Age said...

Hi there and thanks for leaving a comment on my blog - sorry I can't help with your college essay!