Friday, 25 February 2011

the error of my ways... my defence, I am being very good, exercise-wise.  I have engaged in some form of physical activity every day this week including running where I might be seen.  I use the term running loosely, of course. 

The Worker is doing a 10K run on Sunday so I feel that I must, at least, try to compete.  So far I have managed 3 walk/runs which lasted a total of half an hour each.  I walk for about five minutes and then run for a couple of minutes, walk a minute etc.  I'm not exactly Olympic material.  I have, however, been to the Nike shop at the outlet and invested in a running top and new trackies.  I realised mid-Zumba, a couple of weeks, that one of my old pairs were not fit for gardening in. 

So, I'm all kitted out.  I have, as The Worker and Running Friend would say 'got the gear and no idea'. 

My running routine involves quite a lot of fiddling about with my ipod (whilst walking), changing tracks a couple of times to get 'in my zone', adjusting stray items of clothing, worrying about my hair, avoiding streets and paths where I think dog-walking neighbours might snigger and obsessing that my rosy cheeks have become purple.  I also contemplate the notion whether ladies of a certain age and stature should, indeed, run at all.  I'm not made for speed.

Apart from running I took myself off to a new Zumba class. Prior to last night, I thought all Zumba classes were created equal.  It appears not.  Both classes and teachers are excellent but Malmesbury Zumba is, I would say,  more dance based and Dauntsey Zumba has a more aerobics with dance feel about it.  I liked both and would like to report, I glowed in equal measure after an hour of each.  I'm interested to see what Wii Zumba will be like. 

Zumba is, in fact, one of the only exercise classes I've ever really enjoyed.  I used to fall off the steps at Step and Boxercise just made me want to weep - I'm not very confrontational.  Yoga makes me feel inadequately bendy and the slowness of Tai Chi just made me angry and frustrated! 

In any case, exercise aside, my current project is being scuppered by my inability to control my ridiculous eating habits.  It has come to the point where I have been making a food diary this week and I have realised that some days I eat like an indulged eight year old on holiday.   Admittedly it is half term week and the kids have gone into baking/cooking mood which means biscuits and macaroni cheese, mostly but, dear me I'm 43.  Is it that difficult to make better food choices? 

The best thing about doing a food diary is that I'm starting to alter what I eat so I don't have to write it down!  I've already been tempted, however, to write fictitious entries such as 'pomegranate and goji berry fruit salad' for a breakfast that actually involved milky porridge with sugar and a slice of jam and toast and 'barley risotto with asparagus and halibut' when I've had chicken korma with peshwari naan. 

A for effort.  Must try harder.


Only Me said...

Am impressed by the exercise, and I do think it feels good to be in the right kit too. I'm looking forward to giving Dauntsey Zumba a whirl.

On the foodie front - it is the holidays, and it would be rude not to enjoy the kids baking. Must go for now - am off for a big breakfast fry up...oops I mean a lightly boiled egg and fruit!

hausfrau said...

Lying to everyone else is the easy bit (why are you confessing?!), it's much harder to believe successfully that you ate five portions of fruit/veg and had no alcohol when you know you've simply helped yourself to food whenever you were bored.. And particularly at half-term when children have to have activities and baking is such a useful life skill.

Curry Queen said...

I'm doing Weight Watchers at the mo (the only thing that ever works for me) and refused to go at the end of half term week because it had all gone so horribly wrong.....