Friday, 18 February 2011

10 weeks and counting....

...that's it, I'm committed, despite having Friday frozen fish and chips ready to go into the oven - i.e. oven chips, fish cakes and mushy peas for tea (will only have a few).

Weather permitting, I will be walking around the football pitch where E & J train and where G has started to run with B.  If it's raining I'm off, instead, to Bath's fashion museum to draw the 17th century gloves - isn't life grand when a girl can have such options.

My week has been quite surreal - zumba on Monday, parents' evening Monday night, a delicious spa day on Tuesday, rugby training Tuesday afternoon, drawing and papering Wednesday, Oxford on Thursday, book group Thursday night, printing and TD day for E today.  A bit of a whirlwind but an enjoyable one.

Next week?  Half term break.  I'm imagining a few lie-ins and some re-arranging and getting around to things whilst becoming svelter and slimmer by the hour!  Ha!

Have a good weekend.


Fran said...

What a week! No wonder you had frozen fish and chips on Friday night.

ImplausibleYarn said...

Good luck on becoming svelter and slimmer by the hour. If you figure out the secret please share!

Sue Gee said...

ooooh - I love those gloves! The ceremonial ones that belonged to ancient queens??? With all that divine embroidery and goldwork???
your weeks sounds perfect - a bit of everything. Is you Spanish amigo still with you?
I am going in search of a sunset over the sea later - hope to take a good photo xxx

Only Me said...

Fish cakes - good for the brain
Peas - veggie
Chips - another veggie!
Have fun and enjoy half term.