Wednesday, 19 January 2011

getting going....

...this week I've enjoyed an early zumba class (9.30am is early in my book) and a river walk each morning after drop-off.

It made me think how lucky I am to live in a place where I can walk my daughter to school, pop in my ipod earphones and stomp across fields to check that the River Avon is where it's meant to be.  And it's true - exercise is good for the soul, as well as the body.  I can feel the difference in my outlook.  Having spent about a month coughing, spluttering and slumped on the sofa, the effect of getting out into the fresh air is like some kind of power surge.

On Monday I saw a kingfisher for the first time ever IN MY LIFE.  And again, I marvelled at how great it is that even aged 43, there are still things I haven't seen - most of them, admittedly, nature related.

We have a busy week this week - surprise, surprise.   The Worker is turning into The Driver as he hurtles around the UK organising re-fits of pubs and hotels, E seems to have escalated her after school activities (not sure how that happened) and J is making his final choice for GCSE.  I thought this last activity would be fraught with anxiety and dithering but no.  J knows what he wants to do, is open to parental discussion but is quite determined.  His choices fit the paramaters that his school has laid down so that's that.  Done and dusted.

It has provoked a lot of memory sessions between myself and The Worker.  I wasn't allowed to do Art, so did Technical Drawing (then spent 25 years before starting a Fine Art degree) and he didn't want to do Art because it sounded too girly (all-boys-grammar school in the 80s - you can't blame him) so he did Technical Drawing too.  Must have been right for him, he's a surveyor/project manager.

It also made me think about how much angst over kids is too much/too little.  I can already see that this bit of parenting is going to be a lot more difficult solely because there's are two quite forceful individuals with their own point of view in the house.  Most of my parenting style is quite, I think, laid back but I do have a tendency to do the 'don't, because I say so' routine which has kind of worked but I can feel my power waning.  In fact, I think it's already gone.  They just walk off.  How rude but, ha ha, then I get the remote.  What's that about a silver lining?


Only Me said...

I know what you mean about busy, busy, busy - term time weeks seems to pass in a blurr. Tis good that J knows what he wants and in which direction he wants to head - definitely good to have ambition and an aim.

hausfrau said...

Youngest is less clear, we shall see! She asures me her wish to do Textiles has nothing to do with me...
Husband always sees a kingfisher, I generally just see a flash of blue and know I should have paid more attention. Aren't we lucky, and all that exercise must be making you feel virtuous!