Sunday, 30 May 2010

can it be possible?

I am now a freelancing student to be.  I no longer have a day job.  I am free.  I am free to clean the surfaces I have neglected for the last eighteen months.  I am free to move the sofas and remove the slutwool from beneath them.  I am free to sort out the freezer, examine the contents of my kitchen cupboards and probably feed us for about three months without a trip to Tesco.

I am free to stop rushing about, waking too early, stressing, worrying, wittering.  I am free to concentrate on looking after the people who mean most to me, instead of thinking about the next thing to do, the next place to go, the next list to make.

It's half term for the next week and we're planning trips out, places to visit, stuff to make, pyjama days to enjoy.  I don't have the constant thoughts of work and its associated worries, they're slowly receding.  I don't need to think about them anymore, they're just rolling away.  It's a liberating feeling.

The only downside?  No more paychecks and the release of the ipad.  Not sure a freelance student-to-be should be thinking about investing in such a shiny piece of gadgetry...might have to go for a play one day next week.

Monday, 24 May 2010

nearly there.....

I know it's been a while...I've had a bit on...three more days and I'll be back, waffling's a taster of what's been happening....

6 hours at a boot sale for the princely sum of £35 but slightly larger gaps in my cupboards

two hours running a knitting workshop where I was taught 'how to do it properly'

145 cabbage plants eaten by pigeons and rabbits (yes, I exaggerate)

several loaves of bread made and eaten (thank you, Clive)

Zumba class attended - hilarious and fun apart from the exposure to a couple of Michael Buble tracks

family learning event organised with one attendee who was actually trying to return her library books

timely 'Fat Face' sale for G's birthday purchases

wondering whether Clegeron can make it all work haven't missed much..back soon...enjoy the sunshine!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

bored already.....

Teresa May as Home and Women's secretary - now there's a thought.  Sarah by Gordon's side as he resigned, Sam a few yards away, standing and pregnant (although looking lovely) as David pitched up. Has anyone seen any other women involved in the last few days - at all?

I've been watching BBC live at work this morning and the whole troupe has been arranged and given their parts to play.  I'm sure they'll all be feeling very important and r.e.s.p.o.n.s.i.b.l.e. today and I hope they make some good decisions and take care of the good things that our country does do and have a sort out on those other issues like, well, the economy and other small matters.

I like to have a good rant at the telly - I think Michael Gove might be my prime target over the next couple of months but I find I'm too busy just getting on with looking after myself and my own family to be pondering the outcome of this new form of government.  I've just been listening to a very interesting debate on R4 about how, really, the last 13 years were a coalition between the Brown-ites and the Blair-ites which I suppose any government could be interpreted as.  There are always differences between party members that somehow have to come together and operate as a government whatever happens.   I feel I should be adopting a more involved stance but, frankly, I've got an allotment to plant and a lace scarf to finish and a whole lot of family bits and pieces to sort out.  I just want them all to play nicely and get on with it.

I'm quite enjoying the constant reporting and updating and am finding it quite addictive.  I remember in 1997, I was working for a health quango and there was much cheering and whooping when the new Labour cabinet ministers were announced.  Watching this morning, I felt quite sorry for them all - they all looked as if they knew what was coming: a lot of hard work, a great deal of arguing and not much thanks.

I was wondering what GB was up to today.  I hope he started the day with a big deep breath, a large mug of tea and some gentle pottering in his Scottish garden with Sarah and his boys.  I'm imagining him in some suitable cordrouys, perhaps chinos with a warm checked shirt and some slip on shoes, having a think, wondering what to do next and enjoying the peace and quiet. 

Monday, 10 May 2010

are the libdems libran?

What on earth is going to happen?  Are we going to be in limbo forever?  Will the boys who look like assistant bank managers persuade their party grandees that they can all be friends, work together and sort out broken Britain?

What is an 'open offer'?  Sounds like something that happens on Saturday nights all around 'broken Britain'.  What is a 'big society'?  Is it something to do with the obesity crisis?

I have taken my usual approach to this period of uncertainty.  I am digging quite a lot, knitting quite a lot and baking quite a lot of bread (you'll hear more about this).  I know it's not mature and I should have a proper, informed opinion but I only managed the ST Style section this weekend and have decided that if I can't have a proper opinion, I'm not going to have one at all.

I finally finished 'The Pregnant Widow' by Martin Amis.  It was an uphill literary struggle, I can tell you.  Mr Amis just makes me feel thick.  I love his language but I'm always so very conscious that there is some reference, some allusion, some great big literary joke that I'm just oblivious to.  I'm a simple girl.  I like my nuances to hit me on the head, especially the literary ones.

I can't decide whether to delive into next month's (yikes, this month's) book club read (North and South) or just take my own path - again.  I'm not doing very well with book club reads.  I buy them, read the first paragraph and decide I don't like them.  I can find time to knit and dig and bake amongst my other commitments but I can't quite find time to devote to a book that I can't work up interest in over the first couple of pages.  I'm at risk of being de-booked if I don't make more of an effort.  My alternative to 'North and South' is a Jasper Fforde, sort of science/fiction/future type thing, the title of which escapes me.  Aren't you pleased I don't blog about books? having an 'at home' day.  I don't usually work on Mondays and I am very tempted to log on to my work emails but I'm not going to.  This is the first day I've had at home for what seems like ages.  I'm just off to do my first bicycle ride of the year (I may not blog again), and then, guess what, bake another loaf of bread.

I've got three weeks of three days until I finish.  Mixed feelings?  Of course...mixed between elation and excitement.

Monday, 3 May 2010

what are bank holidays for?

staying in bed and making progress on the library book (Martin Amis - 'The Pregnant Widow')
cleaning the kids' rooms in my pyjamas
explaining to J why you should collect dust as you dust, not just flick it across the room
realising my daughter has inherited my magazine fixation
ranting about clothes not being left on the floor again - ever
conceding that E now has more storage space in her bedroom than I do
sighing over old kids' clothes - they've grown - when did that happen?
discovering that skirting boards can become curiously fluffy if left to their own devices for a while
realising that the sort out was long overdue having discovered pants labelled 4-5 in her drawer - she is 10
understanding where the UK supply of pink plastic has gone
finding 11 assorted pencil cases and purses - in one cupboard
wondering why bindeez were ever invented
not knitting (unfortunately)
putting washing in and taking it in again, avoiding what I swear was hail
observing the two wild rabbits in our garden decimating my vegetable seedlings
hopefully planting cabbage and sprout seedlings in the allotment - I fear the worse
contemplating a weekend away for the next bank holiday