Wednesday, 24 February 2010

the original projectforty

Lent is upon us...40 days and all that...made for projectforty-related activities (again).

I popped over to A Bun Can Dance whose post on re-applying her aim of 'balance' during the Lenten period has inspired me to get going on my list again.

If you scroll down the list is somewhere at the bottom but it's a pretty self-explanatory 'be nice to yourself' list.  Do more nice stuff.  Take more care.  Avoid the extremes of the cake, the chocolate, the sugar, the alcohol.  Now this little blog has been puttering along for a while, it would be good to hear some of your self-inspired tips for self-improvement.

I went to to an Embroiderers' Guild talk last night by Brenda Miller who is a member of the Brunel Broderers.  She was a really interesting woman with a journey through textiles and fine art that was very inspiring.  She'd done some really interesting collaborative and public art projects.  There was lots of food for thought. 

The only disappointment of the evening?  I didn't win the raffle - again.

I have a whole day at work tomorrow to catch up on paperwork and filing. I'm quite looking forward to it.  My job is very fragmented with many different parts and elements and colleagues and activities.  It will be great to put everything in its proper place even if just for a while.

Got to making chicken pie.  Need to check on the crust.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a series of most fortunate events

In no particular order, chronological or otherwise

** we went Bulgaria**

**it was prettier and snowier and lovelier than I thought it would be.  We ate well...but not at the establishment that offered the offerings below.**

**I spoke at an event run by Craft Club and met one of my textile heroes - Erika Knight.  

**I was recognised by a fellow blogger just from the things I was talking about - there's a first time for everything and it made me think of how much I share unwittingly here in this little piece of cyberwebness.**

**I enjoyed my skiing - my boots were comfy**

**Our chambermaid (can I still write that term?) did interesting things with our blankets and towels**



** She was tipped handsomely**
**I have done 10 loads of washing since Sunday morning**

**I am considering dropping the iron**

Thursday, 11 February 2010

our service will resume shortly....

2010 is proving to be one of those full-on years.  I usually manage to maintain a low and inert profile until Easter most years but this year has just grabbed me round the neck and dragged me into full on doing and thinking and getting on.

I knew I was in trouble when I spoke to my mum this morning.  She'd left a message before 9am which I couldn't pick up because my mobile doesn't work where I work (another story).  I called her as I saw there was a missed call.
'What time do you want me?'
'What time?'
'I thought I'd meet you in town with E and hand her over at about 12.'
'It's 10 now.'
'I know.'
This went on for sometime until we both realised that I'd asked for granny roadside assistance for the wrong day at the wrong time and we were talking at complete crossed purposes and I had completely lost track of time, date, events, how many children I had.

I have had a fantastic but very busy week and have had several new experiences:
- I visited the new anthropologie shop in Regent's Street (very lovely, quite pricey)
- I was high-fived for my middle-aged ability to match my purse to my handbag (purse for the americans amongst you)
- I saw the amazing Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain and was swept away
- I ate fish accompanied by chorizo which was strangely flavoursome

These four new experiences happened in the few hours I spent in London on Wednesday.  I think I should stick to the city in small bursts.  All a bit exciting for a lady of my age and situation.

I won't be here for a while as I'm going to power-down and absent myself from normal routines for a week or so.

Enjoy half-term if you're having one.

Sunday, 7 February 2010

sunday shopping

We rarely venture out to shop 'en famille'.  I confess I am a terrible retail wanderer and find it difficult to shop 'with' someone else.  I get distracted by everything but my shopping companion's latest quest and tend to disappear, reappearing only after I have been texted from the deep of soft furnishings or haberdashery.  I am usually forgiven by friends but my family find this trait exasperating and have no hesitation in reminding me of my retail shortcomings. 

We took ourselves off this morning, however, to the glory that is Swindon Designer Outlet Village/Centre (?).  The reason?  The kids' shoes are beyond the realms of decent footwear and I needed long-sleeved somethings for our impending skiing bonanza.  The Outlet is full of outdoor type-shops.  We were hopeful.

We surpassed ourselves - 2 pairs of trainers (1 pair for a fiver), 2 pairs of walking boots (both 50% off), one pair of ugg-style boots (half price) and loads of t-shirts/tops and layers to keep us cosy.  We were done by lunchtime and we are now all settled at our usual Sunday pm occupations: blogging, watching sport and wiiiiiiiing. 

There's a chicken supper to look forward to and an episode of Lark Rise to veg in front of.  The fire is on and I've got a pile of magazines to snip away at. 

We're at the calm before the chaos of next week but thanks to Granny's return and the offer of some help from her, all is fine and dandy.  I am hoping that the talked about snow does not materialise and I'm looking forward to some knitting time on the train on Tuesday.  I wish I'd taken up knitting during my ten-year long train commute.  All that knitting and purling that could have been completed.  Such a waste.

Thursday, 4 February 2010

what lies beneath?

Oh dear....I think I've done something silly.  I had a little play with my settings as I seem to be getting spam visits to this little island of forty-ness.  As I type this, I notice that it's in a different font and a different size.  I have no idea what will happen when I press publish.

This week is turning out to be very long, very complicated and very rushed.  Next week promises to be exactly the same.  I work 3 days a week but I will have spent less than a day at my desk over a period of two weeks.  This does not make for an oasis of administrative calm.  It makes for badly composed emails, swiftly stapled piles of randomness and an impatience with anything that doesn't go exactly right - first time.

This is why, of course, I shouldn't try to address my spamming issues whilst concurrently MSNing with my aunt in South Africa.  I love MSNing with my aunts (the other is in Lancashire).  It's nice just to have that quick 'how are you' messaging thing going on. 

I have changed my working days around this week and am working tomorrow.  I am pleased to have very little to do this weekend other than plan for our upcoming trip.  I am also going to be the recipient of a very nice bag that my sister no longer has a home for.  I am looking forward to a ceremonial handbag transfer moment.