Sunday, 5 December 2010

whoops, I did it again...

...I had a flurry of Christmas shopping in November just after a friend told me she'd done all hers, wrapped it, written the Christmas cards and put stamps on them.

Consequently, I now have an incomplete collection of Christmas presents, wrapping and paper and I now need to a) do something with the ones I have b) work out what I haven't done and go to the shops IN THE SNOW c) wrap them, write them and store them. 

I wish I didn't sound like such a Christmas grump because I actually love Christmas.  I love the part where everything is done and I get to sit about for several days reading books I've had my eye on for months.

I love the part that involves cooking and drinking sherry whilst cooking.  I love making things I don't make all year - especially cranberry sauce with real cranberries and port and orange and spicy spiky star anise.

What I don't really love is the organisation of it, the pre-empting of it, the sorting of it.  We have our flurry of birthdays in the autumn and I arrive at the end of November thinking that we've already had quite enough for one year and we should embrace the Condem's austerity measure and make do with a few satsumas and perhaps a handknit scarf.  Thinking about it, I wouldn't like that either.

I am fortunate that the Worker likes Christmas shopping.  Those of you that know him will find this laughable as he is shop-averse January through to November.  He loves doing the kids' presents and I have to say I let him.  He also offers to cook Christmas dinner every year around 22nd December.  I do not let him do that and I inform him, each year, that his offer is most welcome but, well, far too *(*&^^%%& late in the day to be taken seriously. 

The Worker's Christmas shopping, however, is a wonder to behold and one of my favourite parts of Christmas is our morning ritual.  FC has been and I'm always amazed how thoughtful and attentive he has been to three of our family.  Special little gifts emerge and three of us gasp with delight.  My stocking, is in fact a sack - I made the other three smaller on purpose - each year I point out that any member of the family is at liberty to make me a smaller stocking/sack for next year.  Ho ho ho!


Gill said...

I understand entirely. As the Queen of the "almost done" I forget that until it's absolutely and utterly finished, it's actually not done at all. Not only that, but as you say, assessing what's remaining is almost as problematic as starting all over again.

But your Worker sounds a real treasure and just what you need to get you through the next few weeks. Do you hire him out?

Only Me said...

I have done exactly the same on the Christmas shopping front - I feel a new list coming on.

I'm lucky cos a couple of years ago when I was poorly, D did the whole Christmas meal and it was great - he's doing the same again this year too, the only stressful bit is the mess - every dish and cooking implement in the house is required. I'm just chief assistant.

Young at Heart said...

it's all in the chase......I often find the day a bit of an anti-climax, I like christmas eve best, getting the last bits wrapped and ribboned, arriving where you don't have to leave, the anticipation....