Tuesday, 14 December 2010

too much, a little too late....

I have learnt something since going back to college.  I take on too many things at the same time and it is time to stop. 

I won't bore you with the details and it's not as if I'm running a country or an international mega-brand but I have no space in my head or my hands for anything else.  I know that other people seem to manage to spin 1000s of plates and multi-task their way through life but I can't do that without feeling exhausted or grumpy or, worse still, inept as I try to do too many things and end up doing most of them quite badly.

I am determined to spend the next couple of weeks with my family, having a lovely festive time and then it's time to have a think. 

Tonight we're off for a family shopping trip.  I have a list and I'm going to tick it.


marigold jam said...

You are not alone I am sure. We women are known to be able to do more than one thing at a time but not too many things or, as you say, none of it gets done properly and we end up feeling a failure. Remember my favourite card with the text "Take a little quiet time each day"? It is a necessity - especially at this time of year - so hope that you find the time for a think and that you also find out what is important to you and what can be dropped or delegated. Hope you won't drop blogging altogether though!

JAne x

Gill said...

Quite understand how you feel - that swan like composure often conceals legs paddling like mad to keep up.

Never underestimate the benefits of delegation. It's surprising what young people can do!!

(my word verification was "tearie". Hope not.)

hausfrau said...

I blame our mothers: I'm sure that's what our daughters will do when they realise they too are doing too much... I wish I could learn to delegate more or mind less!
Is college over for this term? Can r and r begin?

Only Me said...

I think the problem is also that when you take on too many things, you don't enjoy them all as much as you should which is a shame.

Hope you came home with a fully ticked list.

Sue Gee said...

Also had this problem - although I felt that what I had to do didnt involve choice - they HAD to be done. I spoke to a psychologist friend who told me that the busier we are the more we try to control our activities and THAT is what causes the stress So I just hink SURRENDER and let it all take its path - everything gets sdone but I dont feel the stress! It was the best piece of info that I was given last year! Enjoy your shopping xx

Fran said...

Generally the plate-spinners are only pretending to cope, I reckon. Relax. Plate-spinning is bound to end in tears anyway.