Saturday, 18 December 2010

speaking too soon....discuss

Having rambled on yesterday about anxious food shopping, I now find myself looking out onto at least five inches of snow, no prospect of getting to Londinium as planned and several gaping holes in my Christmas shopping.

Is this bad karma or just weather?  When has it ever been like this just before Christmas?  It's normally damp and slightly warm.  It's never arctic and freezing.  It looks pretty though and if I ever get out of my pyjamas I might go for a toddle round and avoid being a snowball target.

Not to worry - good job I bought those frozen sprouts.  I think there might be some chicken thighs in the freezer too. 


marigold jam said...

It is unusual at this time of year isn't it and have you noticed how the trees never finished with autumn before winter set in and still have their leaves? Just think chicken thighs and frozen sprouts will be fine and no leftovers to eat up till well into the New Year! Enjoy your toddle!


Fran said...

The most fashionable presents to give this year, I am told, are frozen sprouts and frozen chicken thighs - just as well, isn't it?

Only Me said...

It's ok,it's just weather - am sorry you didn't get your trip to Londinium though. Am sure we'll all be on the move again soon.