Friday, 17 December 2010

snow what?

I have visited several supermarkets this week, exchanging various loyalty points for essential Christmas items such as amaretto, sherry and fine wines (there is a theme, I'm sure you can see it).  The supermarkets are packed.  I have checked opening times for said supermarkets.  Tesco for example closes at 7pm on Christmas Eve and opens again at 10am on Boxing Day, totalling 39 hours. 

There is a palpable aura of frenzy at the chipolata counter and a nervous twitching around the sprouts.  In fact, I'm so twitchy about sprouts, I bought some frozen ones JUST IN CASE.  I had to leave the shop shortly afterwards as JUST IN CASE can be used to rationalise any purchase.  Luckily I was in Sainsbury's, not Jigsaw or Toast.

Christmas Day is a week away.  Is everyone planning to hunker down and stay in the house for over a week?  This, I believe, will cause more trauma if we all pop out on the icy roads.  There are several possible scenarios:

- family A will have had a huge row and no-one will be speaking to each other by the time FC readies the reindeer
- family B will run out of a) wine b) sherry c) wrapping paper and feel inadequately prepared and furies of blame and shame will heap upon the family member who didn't buy enough
- family C will watch so much TV and eat so much quality street that the sofa will break, necessitating a trip to DFS

I know it's snowing heavily in lots of places and I know that everyone wants to have a lovely, lovely Christmas but isn't it time to get a grip - especially in the North of Wiltshire where the BBC's weather forecast says nothing but 'white cloud' for the next three days?


marigold jam said...

I know what you mean. I always think perhaps people have visitors which is why they need so much more shopping but then surely the visitors themselves wouldn't need to be in the supermarkets shopping too unless it is as you say a Just In Case scenario. In which case the time to go shopping will be just after Christmas when they are all still ploughing through all that Stuff!!


Fran said...

We have plenty of our favourite Christmas tipple which is port and hot Ribena - the toddy from heaven. So snow or no snow, I'm sorted.

Only Me said...

I've managed to avoid the s'market all week - I think I'm in denial and have woken this morning, looked at the snow,and thought maybe i'll write a list and get Sainsburys to come to me on Monday - hopefully. There's always the village shop.