Sunday, 12 December 2010

a lovely time was had by all....

...until the red wine hit the cream sofa.

And it was me. 

It was a very slow-moving spillage but a spillage nonetheless.  Our divine hostess, the glorious Dr L, was about to sit to my left.  I moved to my right and before I knew it, my arm had shook/moved and the offending liquid was liberated on to the sofa and also on to my dear friend G's beautiful skirt.

Things moved quickly afterwards.  White wine was tipped, salt was scattered, stain remover found, the coverS (!) were stripped and soaked and the washing machine was on before anyone could say 'I'm glad I/my wife didn't do that'!

My friend and hostess were both very gracious and calm.  I was not.  I think I may have to give up red wine or parties or both.

I am also, as anyone would be, mortified but am pleased to report that I must have done some good in a previous life as the clean and wholesome covers were back on the sofa by 10.30am when I popped over to help with the washing up, apologise profusely and offer to sacrifice my cheque book.  The washing machine gods smiled upon me and all is well.

I imagine any New Years Eve party invitations will suddenly dry up or be addressed to The Worker.  It's going to be a cold and lonely end to 2010!  I think I'll stick to pinot grigio and sit very still in the living room.


marigold jam said...

Oh how I feel for you! How embarassing that must have been and I dare say you wanted to rewind the moments back to where the wine was in your glass. So glad all was well in the end and if people will have cream furniture and serve red wine well ....! I am sure you will not be reduced to a glass of water in your own sitting room and that you will be so careful in future this will prove to be a one off!!


Sarah {The Student Knitter} said...

awww! It sounds like you have some great friendS!

Only Me said...

oops! It's strange that when accidents and spillages occur everything seems to happen so vividly and, for me, it feels like its in slow motion. I'm sure you are forgiven.

Sue Gee said...

Silly cream couch! Look for friends with dark covered furniture or better still wipe clean stuff :-)

DrL said...

Alls well that ends well! I'll let people drink red wine on the sofa again now I know they come up so well. Just a nuisance the cushions now make the rest of the sofa look grubby! Help with the glasses was also v. much appreciated in my hungover state!!