Monday, 29 November 2010

more or less?

I've been thinking about aspiration and satisfaction, how some people are adept at accepting and embracing the present and existing, and others prefer to pursue the other, the bigger, the better, the more.

This thinking was brought about by a chat I had with the man who presses the apples from our apple trees every year.  We discussed all sorts of subjects but the topic that got me thinking was about how companies (and perhaps people) can almost get too big.  If everyone wants the biggest market share and competes aggressively to get it, at what point are they happy with that market share and if they never are, what happens if something goes wrong or if the market collapses?

Is this business practice just the same as trying to out-do your neighbours with your car or your lifestyle?  I'm no economist (you might have guessed), but presumably there's only so much market to grab and there's only so much money in customers' purses.  It doesn't matter if the shops are always open if we poor consumers only have so much cash.  Surely we then just spend the same over a longer period of time?

I do know, however, that I'm over wanting 'more'.  I think I've realised that unless the lottery god picks me out, I've neither the talent or the perseverance to strive for anything much more than I have.  Of course, I like the idea of Birkins and Mulberrys and Cartiers but, let's face it, they wouldn't go with my New Look jeans.

PS:  Who else is delighted that Wagner has been flung back to obscurity....could it be Ann's turn next?


marigold jam said...

I am so with you on this - bigger isn't necessarily better. It's one of the reasons I refuse to worship at the altar of Tesco and prefer Waitrose who have said they are not interested in taking over the world! I don't know if it's true but certainly smaller is easier for me - I hate the fact that the supermarkets often have 50,000,000 pakcets of crisps but no cocoa powder or something and that to find anything requires a compass and map etc. No give me small and good any day. Like you I would be happy to be wrapped in cashmere and to have beautiful shoes on a whim but on the whole I am happy with my lot. Haven't been following Strictly so can't comment but a letter in the paper recently said that the public love Ann not because she can dance but because she is good entertainment value - as I haven't seen it I can't comment!


Sue said...

Big is definitely not beautiful. I'm glad that I've never been bothered about keeping up with anyone, as long as I've got the things I need I'm happy.
I have no idea what your last sentence means so can't possibly comment.

Only Me said...

I quite agree and having bigger and better doesn't necessarily make you happy or content if you are forever in pursuit of more.
And yes, I'm very pleased that Wagner has disappeared into the distance.

Sue Gee said...

There comes a time when you realise that less is more! Well done x