Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lucas North is dead....

....just like the ending of 'Thelma and Louise', LN went over the edge last night and just as I still believe T&L survived, I believe that Lucas somehow got a Soviet chopper to sweep him up and take him to a safe house.  Poor Harry looked a bit sorry for himself.  I'm not sure I'm enamoured with the next batch of spies and operatives but I'm sure I'll get hooked again if the series returns.

We watched 3 hours of 'Spooks' last night, I insisted we caught up on the episodes we'd missed before watching the finale.  I was a little strung out by the end and realised that my airport paranoia can be directly tracked to Spooks Series 1 and beyond.  Last night's episode of hacking and surveillance had my stress levels flying about like a sparrow in windy weather.  I am not MI5 material.

So...now Spooks has finished but IACGMOOH (celebrity jungle japes) starts on Sunday with, I hear Mr Boy George and Jedward.  Can this be true?  Of course, I won't be watching, I'll be reading 'The Iliad' whilst listening to 'Wagner' (not Vargner, silly).

I'm having a very pleasant couple of days, enjoying peaceful hours during school time and enjoying the feeling of my feet being attached, in my slippers, quite firmly to the ground.  I did a little exercise yesterday but made sure, at all times, that at least one foot was planted firmly and squarely.  I did not put my feet above my head at any point.

I've done admin, and am keeping the house clean.  I've even bought some Christmas presents and started to think about Christmas cake.  It's just been really nice to be at home, pottering about.

There is, of course, the slight matter of wealth creation to attend to.  My teaching commitments are likely to be scuppered by the cuts in the near future so I need to revive that CV and create some opportunities.  I like that part of self-employment.  I put it down to the fact that I regularly trawled a variety of shops and businesses throughout my teens and early twenties to find work.  My greatest success was finding a job two hours after a particularly nasty row with an existing Saturday employer (a bit like Voldermort, his name can not be uttered) in a toy shop, for more money and better breaks.  There's nothing like a bit of self-determination to cheer a body up.

I digress....college beckons tomorrow and we have our first 'group crit' on Thursday.  There are two reasons this makes me slightly nervous.  Firstly, my work is, shall we say, a little minimal.  Secondly, we are a small group of students and although we are getting to know each other, a few misinterpreted comments about our first attempts could be problematic.  Our tutor is lovely and skilled in such matters, I'm sure but as anxious I am about what comments my own work will illicit, I'm not sure how to approach commenting on the work of others.   Deep breaths and a large flask of coffee will be required.

Right...off now to clear away the ironing and get out the sketchbooks....


Only Me said...

You sound very sorted and on top of things and thinking Christmas cake is VERY impressive - I think I'm currently 'in denial' (not the one in Egypt - ho, ho, ho - sorry) about Christmas - which is a little worrying since most of my family are coming to us. It'll be fine, I'm sure...
Hope the 'group crit' goes well.

hausfrau said...

One 'advantage' of Eldest's ballet is the lack of TV I get through the week, many of the programmes others speak of in excited tones are unknown to me. But Strictly is a must in this house - with Guides on Monday,ballet on Tues, Wed, Thur and Friday, and Strictly on Sat and Sun when are we going to see Harry Potter?!
When do we get to see some of your work? Good to hear your house is clean though - would you like to do mine next?

A Bun Can Dance said...

Oh very best of luck with the 'group crit' or should it be called a 'group cringe' ???
I don't envy you receiving or giving of feedback - it's not an easy thing to do.
And best of luck with the job searching :-)
Denise x