Monday, 15 November 2010

let the festivities commence!

I admit it, I've started my Christmas shopping.  I have cards, wrapping, presents and food underway.  I know exactly what will happen.

- I will 'lose' the wrapping paper because I'll hide it somewhere and forget about it

- I will eat at least one Terry's Chocolate Orange

- I will forget that whilst loading the credit card with gifts I also added a few 'personal items' that will jolt me into financial panic in the New Year

- I will forget to send at least five of the Christmas cards I write

- I will give in to the mass Christmas card sending that occurs amongst E's friends at schools despite protesting every year that we should just donate a goat to a poor soul somewhere else (no-one needs any more unrecyclable cardboard in their house)

- I will forget to book my online delivery and end up sitting outside a supermarket at sparrow's fart one morning during the week before Christmas

- I will forget that shop-bought mince pies contain about 750 calories each before I eat a packet one drizzly day in December

- I will re-name a long-lost relative causing irreparable insult resulting in one less second class stamp next year

- I will be harrassed by my children for insisting that all Christmas lights should be clear or white and definitely not 'phased' or 'pulsing'

- I will wonder why turkeys are so much more expensive than chicken

- I will name my turkey Claudia or Alesha or Tess (feel free to vote)

- I will have a lovely time with the people I love and care about the most. 


Only Me said...

Defintely Aleesha.

A Bun Can Dance said...

I love this post!!!! This had me laughing out loud and the re-naming of a relative is just too familiar to be true !!
Thanks for a great twist on the Christmas lead up - and yes, I'll be doing a lot of those things too, but not the Turkey (I'm veggie!) as it will be a nut roast most likely!
I think the turkey has to be Tess as she really needs to come across as a little more authentic in her comments, eh?
Has your giveaway prize arrived yet?
D x

A Bun Can Dance said...

Now then, I wonder what kind of bean bags you want to make? Assuming you mean the kind that you sit on, I think you could pretty much make any shape, though the segmented circle/oval is probably the most common for being the easiest. I almost made a beanbag as a gift last month ... only the little beany things to go inside are not cheap to buy!
Good luck with it,
D x

Sue Gee said...

Hmm - I am getting the distinct feeling that most of your Christmas eccentricities are hereditary! although personnaly I have never named my turkey - i am guilty of all other Christmas sins though!