Wednesday, 24 November 2010

"Kwills" - the wedding

Now, before you read this, please note that I wish any couple getting married the very best of luck and love.  I am happy that our most recent famous betrotheds have set a date.  I have no malicious thoughts towards them or their nearest and dearest.  However, my initial thoughts on the Royal Wedding are thus:


- we'll all get more time at home or on holiday next April

- we can think about K's dress (will she go for British design or cast the net/veil wider?)

- thinking about K's dress will distract us from balancing our domestic and, indeed, national budget deficits after Christmas and the VAT increase

- the dress will knock the ConDem's gradual destructive twiddling of our lives off every front page, thereby reducing the prospect of public protest and disruption to our town centres

- we get a day off

- we'll find out how much it's all going to cost and be able to compare it with the cost of an 'average couple's wedding'

- there will be fewer pictures of Katie Price on the cover of 'OK!' at the supermarket checkouts

- we get an extra day off

- reality TV shows will be replaced by programme after programme of idenitikit Hoorays talking about their friends the Kwills, what they were like at nursery, how they behaved at uni, how lovely they both are which will stop me watching so many hours of reality TV (note to self: must post about GK on IACGMOOH)

I really do wish the happy couple the very best of luck and I hope they have a lovely day with their family and friends.  I might even watch their arrival at Westminster Abbey on the telly but do we really need to have five months of vicarious wedding planning?


marigold jam said...

Well as you said it beats the normal doom and gloom stuff we usually get!! And think of the frocks that will fill the stores just as soon as her dress is revealed all grist to the mill of consumerism eh?! Did you see that copies of her engagement dress sold out in 24 hours? Now why would you want a dress just to be like hers I wonder. But I do hope they will be very happy and that she knows what she is letting herself in for!!


Only Me said...

Think of all the bunting and a good ol' village knees up (not the department store!)and I also hope that they will be very happy to.

Sue Gee said...

You will watch it - you know you will! You are just being quirky again. Deep down I know that you were brought up on a diet of red, white and blue and it will win in the end - you will not only be at the Street Party but probably on th committee too!!!! God Save the Queen and Kwills.

Sue said...

I hope she knows what she's letting herself in for too. Not a family/job I'd want to join.