Monday, 22 November 2010

in praise of knees

...or, rather, Knees, Malmesbury's department store. 

Before I posted this, I googled Knees, expecting to get a list of bone and joint supplements.  I find, however that Knees has a very respectable website with, dare I say it, the option of online ordering.  You can find Knees here.

There is a Knees in sunny Trowbridge but our local Malmesbury branch is my subject today.  When living in London, there was nothing I liked better than a bit of Saturday afternoon department store browsing.  Department stores are a great thing.  Lots of different brands in one lovely shop with opportunities for refreshment.  I've always loved the fact that you know there will be cosmetics on the ground floor and haberdashery will be up in the sky somewhere.  I've loved them all: Selfridges, Harrods, Dickens & Jones and especially Liberty.  I have taken to visiting John Lewis at Cribbs Causeway when stressed as I find their kitchen department incomparably soothing.  All is right in the world when contemplating the plethora of egg cups when you know that they will never be knowingly undersold.

Knees is in a class of its own.  Its current window display contains a family of porcelain meerkat figurines.  Something that every home should have.  For a department store in a tiny town, it has a wide selection of ornaments and china.  I often wonder who buys them and where they put them.  It's one of those little mysteries I like to have a think about. 

Dubious porcelain apart, Knees is the best store ever.  I would estimate that Knees is 99% effective in the search for any domestically required item. Brewing your own beer?  Visit Knees.  Baking a cake and want a liner?  Pop to Knees.  Bird food?  Knees.  Seals for ancient Kilner jars - yes, you've guessed it.  I suspect that Knees has saved more women from culinary drama than you or I could possibly imagine and it has a wider variety of vacuum cleaner bags that I knew existed.

Now, if only it sold Dr Haucshka, Origins and Ren....and there was a cafe. 


marigold jam said...

Never heard of them but they sound brilliant and maybe you could persuade them to have a cafe too one day?! Then I'd visit too! Like you I love John Lewis and have visited the Cribbs Causeway one when visiting my friend in Bristol - memo to self must go again soon.


Only Me said...

I 'Knees' exactly what you mean - I love it! I have recently purchased my very special mop and castors for our new sofa - they're great. Have you noticed when you walk through to the back of the shop from the front, all the shelves of glass and china seem to tinkle and rattle.