Saturday, 6 November 2010

extended leave....

We've been away.  We've been far away.  We visited Mickey and Harry and Homer in Orlando.  It was a big trip.  A big trip with big rides, big food, big walks, big domestic appliances, big cars.  It was a fortnight of visiting, queuing and flying about in the air.  It was fantastic to do something so different and so full-on.  Everything was bright and noisy and hot and shiny. 

I have to say I'm now pooped!  We're a week back and I'm relying on herbal something-or-others to stay asleep beyond 2am.  I'm told this will wear off by Monday.  We were 6 hours behind UK time and apparently it takes a day for every hour of time change to recover.  Who knows? 

I know that I'm enjoying many of the things I'd got fed up with before we went which, I suppose, is one of the purposes of a holiday.  I love my bed.  I had a great time going to the supermarket to finish re-stocking the cupboards.  I'm enjoying our country roads and the quiet rurality of our surroundings. 

The best thing about coming home for me was the fact that friends had house-sit for us whilst their house was being 'done up'.  I'd tried to tidy up before we left but dear C (the temporary lady of the house) did us proud.  Even the fridge was defrosted with a home-made lasagne and salad ready for us when we got back.  I know she and P appreciated our house while we were away but I would be very grateful if they could move in every time we went anywhere.  Their appreciation is matched if not surpassed by ours.'s been back to normality.  We got back on Monday evening with school, work and college beckoning by 9am on Tuesday.  Not to be recommended but there are still four of us and we're all talking to each other.  I'd expected a big comedown and a seismic meltdown on Thursday but so far so good. 

We're now on the countdown to E's birthday - the gift list changes daily and Christmas, of course.  I know from the last ten years that I need to get a little bit ahead.  Now.  This year especially as I have a college deadline and a possible trip to Paris to fit in before the end of term.  I can feel a list coming on.

Happy Fireworks!


marigold jam said...

Glad you had a good time and also that being home again is good too. Can your friend come round here if I go away do you think?!!


Sue Gee said...

I love holidays but I love coming home equally and celebrate each room on my return with a sigh, an opening of windows, a bath in the comfort of my own bathroom and the whirring of the washing machine. Dorothy was right - there is no place like home!

Only Me said...

I'm so pleased you enjoyed your BIG holiday and tis lovely to have you home again.