Friday, 19 November 2010

double digits

That's it.  My baby is 10.  Today.  She appeared at our bedside this morning at 7am having got up at 10pm, 11pm, 11.30pm with an attack of the anticipations.  We've had two significant birthdays this year, both marking time that we'll never get back but both marking the start of new things and a new way of family life. 

Things I expect:
- fewer visits from the tooth fairy
- less TV freedom as they stay up later and later
- about the same amount of tantrums but over quite different matters
- poverty brought about by insatiable teenage appetites
- an extra dryer as the clothes get bigger
- afternoons of boredom waiting outside changing rooms in Bristol
- less plastic in the house, perhaps
- hormonal fluctuations (from at least 3 of us)

I don't think I can bring myself to anticipate anything else - as long as we're all healthy, calm and happy and there's food in the fridge, I'm happy.


marigold jam said...

Happy birthday to the "little one" Ten is good it's the teenage years that come hard or at least they did for me but then I was having my own tantrums by then having reached menopause - luckily we are both still alive to tell the tale!!!


Sue Gee said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter - Yes family life will change as they notch up the birthdays but the love is still there and she will always be your 'little one'. Take confort in knowing that my little one is almost 30 and not that much has changed!!
NB - He read my blog this morning and sent me an email with no other comment other than correcting the grammar and spelling! I had the tantrum!

Only Me said...

Good morning - I hope your baby had a lovely birthday weekend - they are, all of a sudden, all growed up - only a few months til we have 2 in double digits too.

A Bun Can Dance said...

Happy Birthday to your daughter !! Ten is a very special age to be and so exciting too :-)
The other day you were asking about making bean bags and I was browsing for some other things and happened upon this guide here:

It might be helpful !
Denise x

Sue said...

Belated happy birthday to your daughter, hope she enjoyed her day. You wait, before you know it she will be 30 and then you will really wonder where the years have gone.