Friday, 12 November 2010

blown about....

It's the 4th morning this week that I've stepped out of the house and found myself in a gale.  I can see though that the wind is settling and I hope today will be a calmer affair.

We watched Tom Ford's 'A Single Man' last night.  Not exactly the Worker's cup of tea but very moving and beautifully made.  Like 'Mad Men' it had an authentically nostalgic feel and (as you'd expect from TF) an incredible attention to detail on costume and set.  I'm never quite sure about Colin Firth (sorry) but he was quite brilliant.  I hope he makes more like this and less like 'Love Actually' (although I always cry at that bit when Emma Thompson finds out about nasty husband's infidelity and smooths down the sheets before she pulls herself together).

Anyway...I digress.  We had our 'group crit' yesterday.  It was a bit like being in a gale.  There's a lot of diversity in our small group in terms of work and approach.  One minute we were looking at beautifully textured landscape paintings, the next we were contemplating wire 'growing' from the installation room.  There was lots of talk and lots of discussion until the group came to my space.   I have two sets of work going on - random sketchbook 'experiments' and a more considered project, examining collections and how the ordinary can be made extraordinary.  There's not a lot of drawing going on.

The only people who spoke were one of the other students and the tutor.  I welcomed the howling wind subsiding but I'm not sure I wanted to hear such peace and quiet yesterday afternoon.


Gill said...

I trust that the one student who spoke and the tutor him/herself has something positive to say?

A Bun Can Dance said...

Ah, interesting points here. I've not seen the CF film but would like to - he's capable of so much yet sadly gets typecast too often, so to see a great performance will be worth it - I'll go check it out.
Now, the group crit .... hmmm... I wouldn't read too much into the silence from other group members. Maybe you're just in a different space, artistically, than they are and they don't know what to say or how to respond. I've made so many things and done many things that other people just don't 'get it' - but if you love what you're doing, keep it up as that's what matters most!
Have a fab weekend - they promise us a drier time than we're having right now as I type!
Denise x
Thank you for your lovely comments about our special news :-)

Only Me said...

Our boiler failed last night and kept 'locking out' - a bit of a chilly evening was had by Family B. I spoke to Eric (the man that fixes such things) and he informed the reason the boiler failed was because it was too windy.
I hope too that your tutor was encouraging and positive.

Sue said...

It must be difficult to stand and listen to comments, think I'd much prefer to read them. Hope the comments you got were positive.

Sue Gee said...

WE went to see The Social Network -a fascinating study in nerdity (as opposed to nudity) Really - we enjoyed it!
I remember my crits from Art College - one in particluar when my ceramics lecturer dropped one of my pots on the flooor and jumped all over it like an angry goblin! My feelings were crushed too but i survived and realised it was an awful pot! Good luck with yours -- The wind blew my glasses off my face on Saturday - so much for cheap plastic readers - will have to invest in some heavy duty ones!!