Thursday, 7 October 2010

today I have mostly been having a cold....

E and I have been off school/college today with a heady, chesty, sicky kind of thing.  Every time I do something more strenuous than make a cup of tea or coffee I feel I've aged about 40 years.  I am considering the early purchase of a stroller/walker thing.  I might as well get one, VAT is going up in January.

Now is not the time to have the lurg.  I won't bore you with my interminable lists but they run from 'define myself as an artist' to 'remember the adapter plug for holiday'.  When my head isn't aching, it's spinning.

It's all my own doing of course and I'm having a great time and I shouldn't complain and all that but I'm poorly so I'm allowed.

I wonder if my poorliness might have been made worse by my new habit of shouting loudly at Tories on the Telly.  I find shouting at Tories who can't hear me very therapeutic on one level but I don't think it's helping my sore throat.  Every time I see one, I can't quite believe some of us were daft enough to vote for them or that other lot who've become Tories overnight whose name I can't bring myself to mention - and every night I tell them. Loudly.  In my pyjamas. 

And don't get me started on the child benefit fiasco - how could they?  Do we all think it's OK that they just sweep away a principle that has been standing for over several generations?  What next - will higher-rate taxpayers lose their right to free prescriptions for their children?  Will we have to pay for dental treatment for our children?  And how can it possibly be fair that a family with a total income of £45K per year won't get child benefit and a family of £87K will?  How is that a family friendly policy?  It's hard to argue for a benefit that some people don't strictly need but the fact that there is a way to still access that benefit when your income is double the cut-off point for an individual, single family is just unfathomable.  Either take it away completely or restrict the age range that it's claimed for.

And, while I'm at it - how can it be for 'the national interest'?  The principle of child benefit, I always thought, was to provide something for future generations.  To make sure that, if nothing else, the state knew that families were receiving an amount to support their children whether they saved it for their future or had to buy their school dinners with it.  By effectively means testing that payment, they've divided families across the country, just as their beloved Mrs T did in oh so many ways some years ago.  Aren't they marvellous?!


On another, more superficial matter, isn't telly great at the moment:  I've had a week of Spooks, Mad Men and The Apprentice so far with Strictly on Saturday.  I've reached my peak with X Factor. 

Have a healthy week