Thursday, 2 September 2010

ten good things today....

1. a sunny autumn morning walk with my dear friend, S

2. both kids back at school with shoes that fit and lunchboxes packed

3. lovely pair of new autumn brown boots promised for birthday by The Worker

4. off to artshop to buy new pencils and sketchbooks for college

5. haircut at 10.30am

6. toad in the hole for tea (with cauliflower cheese?)

7. reading Rose Prince's 'English Table' from the library and sticking post-its in my favourite recipes, am intrigued already by homemade barley water

8. almost at the end of the first half of  Veronik Avery's transitional scarf (v. 2), am going to knit these for nieces for Christmas

9. the weatherman says summer is back at the weekend with highs of 24 degrees

10. 6 more sleeps until the new series of Madmen


marigold jam said...

Love it! We should all take note and make our own lists now and again to remind us that it's a wonderful world really! Your mention of barley water took me back to childhood days - it's supposed to be very good for cystitis too should you wish to know that!


Gill said...

I haven't seen Rose Prince's newest but I love her recipes and find myself referring to The New English Kitchen frequently. Good, sound no-nonsense advice!

hausfrau said...

Very smart and business like you are looking on this page: I like it!
How very organised to be thinking of Christmas: I can't go there yet!
I have a week to decide on an outfit for a wedding: what I need is long distance forecasting!

Only Me said...

I think those lovely, lovely boots should be purchased very soon and its now only 5 more sleeps till Madmen. Toad in the hole with cauliflower cheese - yum - but even better with baked beans as well. Enjoy the weekend.