Sunday, 5 September 2010

deep breaths...

Back to school, proper, tomorrow.  A full week, all clubs a-go-go, pick ups and timetables arranged and ready to be conformed to.  E's school is having a mini-clampdown on uniform.  Apparently, socks printed with russian dolls are no longer allowed.  Isn't there enough time in later life to conform.  There's not much of a space in a girl's life when she can wear socks printed with anything.  It seems such a shame.  Perhaps they are far too distracting for other children.  I think not.  We are often told that the attention span of our children is shrinking faster than Cheryl Cole.  If E's classmates noticed her socks, most likely they'd have noticed something else far more interesting thirty seconds later.  I know I should be toe-ing (ha ha!) the line but sometimes, I think, there are bigger things to think about. 

The Worker is very impressed with me today - not only have I completed our pre-visa waiver wotnot for our trip to the States, I now have a printed calendar on the fridge with all the clubs, pick ups (see above) listed.  I don't know whether he's more impressed that I've managed to print it out on THE WORST PRINTER I'VE EVER BOUGHT or that its typed or that its on the fridge.  I don't think it will help me be in any more organised but it makes me feel organised.  Perhaps that's the secret.

We had indoor barbecue for supper.  The sun was shining on Friday.  I have learnt this summer that sun on Friday prompts the 'why don't we do a barbecue' question at about 3 o'clock on a Saturday afternoon.  This week I took the opportunity to pre-empt the question and took a trip to Sainsbugs to ship in a few marinated bits and bobs.  Needless to say, it's rained all day.  Reader, I grilled them. 

As I write the rest of my family are watching 'Invictus'.  I can't bear it as Morgan Freeman gets on my nerves and I've never warmed to Matt Damon.  Their presence combined with rousing, inspiring music has made me leave the bosom of my Sunday night, washed and fed family to blog a bit, about very little. are ten things to look forward to this week:

- getting some exercise every day (walking to school gets me out and about first thing, then there's swimming and Zumba later in the week)

- our monthly knitting meeting at our village pub

- buying my new supplies for college

- picking some of those lovely looking apples in the garden

- getting back to my knitting workshops and seeing who turns up

- promoting some beginners craft classes

- a girls get-together, probably on Thursday

- a trip to Bath for my birthday boots

- the anticipation of being back at college next week and starting a new endeavour

- getting some inspiration from someone who's on that road already

Enjoy the first week of September - get those pencils sharpened!


hausfrau said...

Socks remain the key element of self-expression at Youngest's secondary school. Eldest has embarked on a uniform free sixth-form career that requires a different outfit every day... I don't think her allowance will be able to support this plan.

Only Me said...

Well done on sorting the you know what - it must feel good. I seem to be on a roll of forms this week - application forms, starter forms and leaver's forms ...
Enjoy your week.

Sue said...

Schools always seem to worry about the small stuff. Hope that your first day at college next week goes well.

Ed said...

Wow, you've been a busy little blogger these past couple of weeks. I thought you had gone into hibernation! A trip to America then? Shame you're going to be so far away from LR, would have been nice....have a great time. Missing our little knitting nights :(

Ed x

Sue Gee said...

All that early conformity produces two types of people those who conform in later life and those who dont - I think Esta is going to be one of the latter and imagine she will be wearing Russian dolls on her socks well into her forties (like her mum). I am also very impressed with your organisation skills and your recent flurry of blogging. I quite enjoyed Invixtus (apart from the awful accents) and have THAT verse printed out and infront of me as I type now to remind me to stay the master of my destiny.