Tuesday, 31 August 2010

taking a view...

I've been thinking.  I'd like to think I've been finding perspective, rationalising my priorities, considering my options but what I've really been doing is sitting about, drinking tea (yes, I'm fully re-caffeinated), wittering about all sorts.  Would you like a list?  It looks something like this...

- my kids will both be in double figures by the end of November.  I can no longer pretend I have justifiable babyweight.

- one of them will be a teenager in a few weeks.  The air around him seems to fizzing with hormonal fluctuations and it's fascinating, if a little alarming, to observe.

- I am on the verge of going back to college, 25 whole years after my first attempt (please be prepared for incessant art student nonsense from September 15th)

- I ate some out-of-date taramasalata yesterday on the grounds that if my beloved ate it, I would too - this has not gone well and I wish I'd stuck to my guns - I blame that daft 'don't waste food because we're all going to die in an environmental desert if we throw out a few bananas' programme on BBC last week

- I like to grow things rather than eat them (except for tomatoes - I'm hooked on the bush variety, Totem).  Courgette boredom has reached its pinnacle, even the chickens have become disinterested

- I have reached my technological understanding of mobile phones - I upgraded to one that lets me go online and I've switched all the options off because it scares me that I can google from such a tiny device

- I need an eye test and a bra-fitting, there are issues in both areas which need to be addressed

Did you watch 'I am slave' on C4 last night?  Probably the best drama I've seen this year.  Amazing performances and an incredible, horrific story.  'Big Brother' followed and was at its most vacuous.  It struck me that the two programmes scheduled back to back highlighted what seems to be a new era of seriousness.  Perhaps this has been going on for some time and I've been oblivious but the demise of BB (although I loved it when I could squeeze into its demographic) might, if we're lucky, make for some interesting TV, programming that could make a difference beyond nail extensions and spray tan.

Perhaps the programmers have been having a bit of a think too.


frayedattheedge said...

Just popped in after seeing your comment on 'Stitching in the kitchen' I like your list - especially the eye-test/bra fitting item .... it's about time to put both on my to-do list!
Regards, Anne

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.What are you going to be doing at college? I think you're very brave.

projectforty said...

Hi Sue - am taking on a BA in Fine Art with Drawing. I'm feeling quite brave (read terrified!)

Only Me said...

You'll be fine. Honest.