Monday, 9 August 2010

let the laundry begin...

You may not have noticed my absence as blogging has taken a backseat over the last couple of months.  We've been on holiday.  We went to Carnac, Brittany for a week.  We are taking a bigger trip to the States later in the year and although I was happy to mooch about the house en famille, the worker in the family quite rightly decided that he didn't want to mooch or, indeed, go to Wales.  He wanted a proper holiday.  Abroad.

He booked leave from work and set about scouring the interweb for a suitable (and inexpensive) holiday.  Now, our marital interpretationsn of inexpensive are somewhat different.  I had to leave the matter in his capable hands as I had no patience for online holiday bargain hunting.  My mind becomes discombobulated with dates and I tire very easily of the forms that every single enquiry seems to generate.  I went to Port Eliot instead.

Well, the worker came up trumps.  He found a caravan in Carnac, a short walk from the beach, a quick stroll from town and five minutes from the local ice cream stall that sold 200 flavours of sugary sweetness including whiskey and ketchup (thankfully the offspring gave those delights a swerve).  I've eaten more moules than I've eaten in my entire life and dear E who doesn't like green beans tucked into snails, squid, sea scallops and moules with a piscatarian gusto you'd expect from a girl who spent 4 hours a day running up and down the steps to the slides at the swimming pool.

Our caravan was small and we were cheek by jowl with other happy caravaners but it was like playing dolly house with our 4 mugs, 4 plates and 2 saucepans.  We filled the fridge from the nearby markets and shops and sat and read and played games and read and slept and read and ate. 

We'd never been to Britanny before and found it quite enchanting.  Lots of towns and ports to visits, brocantes a-go-go and standing stones for the more druid amongst us.  I think we'll go back.  I loved being by the sea.  I love the air and the effect walking on beaches has on my hooves.  I like sand in my bag and picking up shells.  I like promenades and boardwalks and stalls full of clothes that no-one ever wears unless they're by the sea. we're back in Wiltshire and the laundry pile is as megalithic as some of those stones.  We have courgettes the size of small babies and plums ripening faster than I can type.  One of the chickens is moulting and I need to get the kids' passports renewed so that we can go on our next trip.  I'm looking online for fish delivery and I need to invest in a new cafetiere as I've rediscovered a love of proper coffee. I've got pickling plans and jars to fill.  I've got a start-date for college and a list of supplies.  I'm terrified.  I start four weeks on Wednesday.

Welcome home!


Sue Gee said...

Very impressed by your daughter's sophisticated palate-Did she actually know what she was eating? Haven't done the caravan thing in years - we always enjoyed it when the boys were young and were once brave enough to take a 6 week old baby on a caravan holiday. Looking forward to some photos arriving in my inbox of Brittany.

Only Me said...

Sounds like a great family holiday - ketchup flavour ice cream - sounds like one that H might go for!