Tuesday, 22 June 2010

staring into the abyss...

Two weeks in, and I have developed loafing into a fine art.  I have been busy but busy in a very leisurely way.  It's such a treat, I feel quite guilty.

Last week was lovely.  A knitting workshop on Monday; haircut (preceded by a little antiquing in Tetbury) on Tuesday; domestic pottering on Wednesday; London, the V&A and the Saatchi Gallery on Thursday; lunch with a friend on Friday; garden visiting on Saturday and a very civilised picnic and a bit of dancing at Blondie at Westonbirt on Sunday. 

Several questions have been raised:

- is middle age the only time that you can appreciate quilting and punk in the same week?

- why were all the artists in the Saatchi gallery based in London?

- is there any hope for a middle aged artist with a provincial degree?

- how has Deborah Harry managed to keep her voice and is she really 65?

- what is going to happen when we all want to listen to 'The Clash' in our nursing homes?

- could I wear my snakeskin wedges every day or just for dancing?

- will I ever live in a house with a view?  I think I would like to and it occurs to me that I never have.  Of course, there is a view from every house but I would like a vista, at some point, I don't mind what of.  Perhaps the sea, perhaps a city, perhaps rolling fields.  I have the urge to live on a hill.  M, my lunch friend, lives in a house that looks across a valley near Bath.  It was beautiful.  It made me quite envious despite the fact that I also live in a beautiful place and appreciate it very much.  My place, however, is flat - full of trees and greenery but, well, flat.  Maybe one day.

- will the football ever end and can we all start caring about something else?

This week?  I'm taking a trip to Frome with S&J on Thursday and it's Embroiderers' Guild this evening. I am placing my fingers firmly in my ears before George Osborne starts reading his list of nastiness and until the England football squad has finished it's match on Wednesday.  I am going to stay in my little rural bubble and sort out my sketchbooks and all the things I've collected in anticipation of my return to study. 

Enjoy the sunshine...


ImplausibleYarn said...

I also wonder what happens when the nursing homes are filled with pierced and tattooed individuals. listening to the clash.
About football? It will happen. I've only heard it referenced maybe twice since the world cup started.

Only Me said...

- No
- Definitely a London bias
- Gargalling a lot maybe - she was great
- We'll be 'moshing' in our wheelchairs
- Snakeskin wedges definitely every day

Have fun at Embroiderers Guild.

hausfrau said...

Isn't listening to the Clash no more shocking than those who will soon be listening to the Stones and those who must have listened to Little Richard? It'll be fun!

Football is dominating TV in our house. The girls and I have to watch or find something else to do.