Monday, 10 May 2010

are the libdems libran?

What on earth is going to happen?  Are we going to be in limbo forever?  Will the boys who look like assistant bank managers persuade their party grandees that they can all be friends, work together and sort out broken Britain?

What is an 'open offer'?  Sounds like something that happens on Saturday nights all around 'broken Britain'.  What is a 'big society'?  Is it something to do with the obesity crisis?

I have taken my usual approach to this period of uncertainty.  I am digging quite a lot, knitting quite a lot and baking quite a lot of bread (you'll hear more about this).  I know it's not mature and I should have a proper, informed opinion but I only managed the ST Style section this weekend and have decided that if I can't have a proper opinion, I'm not going to have one at all.

I finally finished 'The Pregnant Widow' by Martin Amis.  It was an uphill literary struggle, I can tell you.  Mr Amis just makes me feel thick.  I love his language but I'm always so very conscious that there is some reference, some allusion, some great big literary joke that I'm just oblivious to.  I'm a simple girl.  I like my nuances to hit me on the head, especially the literary ones.

I can't decide whether to delive into next month's (yikes, this month's) book club read (North and South) or just take my own path - again.  I'm not doing very well with book club reads.  I buy them, read the first paragraph and decide I don't like them.  I can find time to knit and dig and bake amongst my other commitments but I can't quite find time to devote to a book that I can't work up interest in over the first couple of pages.  I'm at risk of being de-booked if I don't make more of an effort.  My alternative to 'North and South' is a Jasper Fforde, sort of science/fiction/future type thing, the title of which escapes me.  Aren't you pleased I don't blog about books? having an 'at home' day.  I don't usually work on Mondays and I am very tempted to log on to my work emails but I'm not going to.  This is the first day I've had at home for what seems like ages.  I'm just off to do my first bicycle ride of the year (I may not blog again), and then, guess what, bake another loaf of bread.

I've got three weeks of three days until I finish.  Mixed feelings?  Of course...mixed between elation and excitement.


A Bun Can Dance said...

A great post!
Maybe there's a link between the country being in limbo (not able to read between the lines of the negotiations) and your feeling that there's a hidden message which you aren't able to decode in Amis's book.
On the topic of books, I totally understand your need to be gripped early on. I seem to spend most of my reading time with non-fiction books: 'how to' and 'gardening' books. As for fiction - if I'm not hooked within a matter of pages then I just forget it - life's too short to read books I'm not really interested in!
Here's wishing you (and the nation as a whole) a week of clarity,
Denise x

Gill said...

Re North and South, why not just settle down and spend a couple of afternoons watching Richard Armitage? ooooh....

I feel a bit limbo-ish too. My excuse is the weather - I want to launch into full warm weather activities with open doors and a relaxed outlook, but it's freezing cold outside and I'm huddled indoors telling myself I really don't need to wear a fourth layer.

Georgina said...

I love North and South (in my head, for no good reason, I hear Norf un Sarf)but a delve into past politics, however well told in Gaskell's ever wonderful and generous human way, may not suit your mood. If your Jasper Fforde is Shades of Grey, it's super high concept!!! As for feeling in Limbo - I feel like I have spent years in there!

Only Me said...

Limbo continues - I do wish they'd sort it owt.

I'm quite enjoying North and South although I have to read it in big chunks and concentrate - now a tv version with Richard Armitage sounds a very good alternative especially as I have a queue of books i'd like to read.

hausfrau said...

I too would recommend the Richard Armitage version, however I've read and enjoyed several Gaskells, this one in 2001. But Jasper Fford is a fun and literary read! So long as you start with The Eyre Affair; Mum's bookclub started on the second Thursday Next book and couldn't make head nor tail of it.. Eldest loves his books too. Haven't got hold of Shades of Grey yet.
The politicians need their mother to sort them out!

Sue Gee said...

If you dont mind my saying so - your Book club sounds a little out of date! Arent these OLD books!I know there is a necessity to explore the classics but for study purposes rather that enjoyment!
I suggest.... Get your hands on a copy of White Women on a Green Bicycle - Bake a fresh loaf of bread - Butter the crust and settle down to read. I guarantee you will finish the whole book and the whole loaf in one sitting :) Enjoy!

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