Monday, 24 May 2010

nearly there.....

I know it's been a while...I've had a bit on...three more days and I'll be back, waffling's a taster of what's been happening....

6 hours at a boot sale for the princely sum of £35 but slightly larger gaps in my cupboards

two hours running a knitting workshop where I was taught 'how to do it properly'

145 cabbage plants eaten by pigeons and rabbits (yes, I exaggerate)

several loaves of bread made and eaten (thank you, Clive)

Zumba class attended - hilarious and fun apart from the exposure to a couple of Michael Buble tracks

family learning event organised with one attendee who was actually trying to return her library books

timely 'Fat Face' sale for G's birthday purchases

wondering whether Clegeron can make it all work haven't missed much..back soon...enjoy the sunshine!


marigold jam said...

Bit of a normal week then?! Hope you get some down time soon. Hope too that Clegeron will make it work - what's the alternative I wonder?!!


Sue Gee said...

What an interesting if not stressful life you lead - counting cabbages is not good for you and I hope you went in disguise to the car boot sale - its not an elegent pursuit is it? What on earth is Zumba? It sounds like our president. Whatever it is I hope it doesnt involve tribal dancing!

Only Me said...

Peter Rabbit and his friends have been very naughty - how very frustrating.

Hope G has a lovely,lovely Birthday.

hausfrau said...

Sounds like you've been revising for WE duty! Well done! Roll on freedom from paid work!

Gill said...

Yay...You've spent a day with Clive? Did you eat all the Chelsea Buns then? Go on, confess!

Clives Mother lives in our fridge, btw.