Sunday, 30 May 2010

can it be possible?

I am now a freelancing student to be.  I no longer have a day job.  I am free.  I am free to clean the surfaces I have neglected for the last eighteen months.  I am free to move the sofas and remove the slutwool from beneath them.  I am free to sort out the freezer, examine the contents of my kitchen cupboards and probably feed us for about three months without a trip to Tesco.

I am free to stop rushing about, waking too early, stressing, worrying, wittering.  I am free to concentrate on looking after the people who mean most to me, instead of thinking about the next thing to do, the next place to go, the next list to make.

It's half term for the next week and we're planning trips out, places to visit, stuff to make, pyjama days to enjoy.  I don't have the constant thoughts of work and its associated worries, they're slowly receding.  I don't need to think about them anymore, they're just rolling away.  It's a liberating feeling.

The only downside?  No more paychecks and the release of the ipad.  Not sure a freelance student-to-be should be thinking about investing in such a shiny piece of gadgetry...might have to go for a play one day next week.


Sue Gee said...

Enjoy your freedom - payday is the hardest part about not working! I still dabble in work and a trickle comes into my bank account on the 25th but I am really looking for a salary that comes without a job. I will do anything legal for airmiles and Clinique these days! Perhaps if I post that on the web - both may come rolling in:)

Karen said...

Oh lovely! Enjoy every minute of your new life!!!

Only Me said...

Last day of day job over - enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.