Wednesday, 12 May 2010

bored already.....

Teresa May as Home and Women's secretary - now there's a thought.  Sarah by Gordon's side as he resigned, Sam a few yards away, standing and pregnant (although looking lovely) as David pitched up. Has anyone seen any other women involved in the last few days - at all?

I've been watching BBC live at work this morning and the whole troupe has been arranged and given their parts to play.  I'm sure they'll all be feeling very important and r.e.s.p.o.n.s.i.b.l.e. today and I hope they make some good decisions and take care of the good things that our country does do and have a sort out on those other issues like, well, the economy and other small matters.

I like to have a good rant at the telly - I think Michael Gove might be my prime target over the next couple of months but I find I'm too busy just getting on with looking after myself and my own family to be pondering the outcome of this new form of government.  I've just been listening to a very interesting debate on R4 about how, really, the last 13 years were a coalition between the Brown-ites and the Blair-ites which I suppose any government could be interpreted as.  There are always differences between party members that somehow have to come together and operate as a government whatever happens.   I feel I should be adopting a more involved stance but, frankly, I've got an allotment to plant and a lace scarf to finish and a whole lot of family bits and pieces to sort out.  I just want them all to play nicely and get on with it.

I'm quite enjoying the constant reporting and updating and am finding it quite addictive.  I remember in 1997, I was working for a health quango and there was much cheering and whooping when the new Labour cabinet ministers were announced.  Watching this morning, I felt quite sorry for them all - they all looked as if they knew what was coming: a lot of hard work, a great deal of arguing and not much thanks.

I was wondering what GB was up to today.  I hope he started the day with a big deep breath, a large mug of tea and some gentle pottering in his Scottish garden with Sarah and his boys.  I'm imagining him in some suitable cordrouys, perhaps chinos with a warm checked shirt and some slip on shoes, having a think, wondering what to do next and enjoying the peace and quiet. 


marigold jam said...

Loved your comment about them all playing nicely and getting on with it - not much hope of that I don't suppose!


A Bun Can Dance said...

Another great post!
Like you, I find myself totally addicted to the hour by hour unfolding of it all. Never having been fond of the Tory party (you could replace that polite phrase with the one word: Hate!), I am hoping that the Lib Dems are able to retain their identity amongst all this.
Only time will tell.
Great picture you painted of GB and family. I can't help but feel the loss of GB though he was clearly an unpopular leader - but he does have such an honorable integrity which I admire.
Wouldn't it be great to take tea with the GB family and find out how he feels about all this?
Looking forward to your next post!
Denise x

hausfrau said...

I have been glued firmly to Radio 4 following every twist and turn, I've been captivated! I too have been concerned at just how few women are involved (does Theresa May count? I'm fairly certain wives don't). Will these younger men, perhaps more used to a more equal world, be able to get away from the yah! boo! sucks! version of politics we're used to and have sensible level discussions? Will the media/labour Party/their own parties let them? I shall be paying attention!

rosecolouredworld said...

I too have been addicted - I feel repoliticised and have joined the Electoral Reform Society. Yes - where are the women. You may see me chained to railings soon - or have I been reading The Children's Book too avidly I was pleased to see GB looking ten years younger as he visited his staff:Neil Kinnock was saying that he used to be the life and soul of the party in both senses of the p word.

Karen said...

I find politics is an on-again/off-again interest for me. Seeing a government formed is good--if, as you say, they play nicely. Is this possible???

Sue Gee said...

I love witnessing a democracy which works. Be thankful that you have politicians that can play nicely - no gunfire,no hate speech inciting racial violence, no bribery and intelligent and comprehensive news coverage. Here in South Africa we call ourselves a democracy but its just a word.
Have you thought of starting an allotment party - live off the land, herbal health service and a new currency - The English Cucumber - the Brussel Sprout can replace the Euro!