Wednesday, 28 April 2010

am I the only one....

who can't help crying at that new John Lewis advert?

I don't know what it is but watching what seems to be one woman's whole life just gets me blubbing.  I don't know who directed it but I'm obviously at high risk of forming an unhealthy relatinship with JL.  

I do love their stores, especially as I am poddling through my forties.  They are reassuringly stable and I think that must be their USP for all of us in this topsy turvy, economic free-falling world.  Here I am, off to contemplate my navel and study fine art for three years but I'll always need JL for my sheets and my bin bags.  Like the advert so blatantly suggests, they'll always be there for me.  That's it, they've got me hooked.  I only hope it's a good sign that I know I've been hooked.
I am being denied the opportunity to watch 'The Edible Garden' which I have been enjoying immensely because the men in the house need to watch some italian and spanish people play football.  I'm having my own experiement with filling my garden with vegetables and herbs but I don't think I'll be able to do it as stylishly or as productively as Alys Fowler.  My children, when they watch it, find her trips to George, her allotment friend, a great big cheat.  'She just goes off on her bike and steals his rhubarb.  That's not fair.'  I have to say I agree.  I have found an old wine box which I got G to drill with holes in her honour.
Although not a great fan of the interminable election coverage, I enjoyed a section on Radio 4's Today programme this morning.  One of their very nice interviewers was speaking to a group of 18-23 year olds who were 'not in education, employment and training' or NEETs.  

I have a great deal of sympathy for young people who can't quite get their act together.  I was one of them, despite the advantages my education gave me.  The interview was all a bit pre-1997, everyone a bit disaffected, some saying they wanted to work but there were no jobs, some saying they didn't trust politicians, it was kind of predictable until, when asked if she felt guilty about not working, one of the young women said something like 'no, I pay taxes when I buy my cigarettes, I'm putting in and I'm getting back' .....

kids, eh, don't ya just love 'em?


marigold jam said...

I too am a fan of John Lewis though I haven't seen their ad so must look out for that!

I have just finished watching Alys and not only is my garden nothing like hers although I do aspire to something more like that, I have no cute doggie and even when I was her age I never looked like she does! All a bit demoralising really!


marigold jam said...

Me again - have just seen the ad during Jamie in Sweden and I see what you mean!


hausfrau said...

Also saw the ad during Jamie last night but didn't connect at all. Guffaws over breakfast this morning when The Today Programme mentioned people weeping over it: clearly we have no soul in our house!
I find the election coverage fascinating, but The Vote Now show is offering the best take on it - well worth a trip to the Listen Again site.

Sue Gee said...

Most likely I will never get to see the JL advert but my eyes filled up at the thought of you weeping over it so my guess is Yes! I would cry. Clever advertisers - they call this the emotional economy and we are being manipulated as consumers yet again! What I do want to weep over is the state of British politics.
Where has the passion gone? Where are those salt o'tearth characters who incited revolution? These candidates are like cardboard cutouts in comparison! Boring - although I did find GBs gaffe entertaining. How can such a dumb person run a country - the mind boggles!

countrymummy said...

I find I'm not the only one crying - Radio 4's Today programme ran an article on JL weepers.

Re the politics - it's helped me get knitting again! Give me something to ignore them with.

Only Me said...

I'm going to have to look out for the ad - have to say I do like a bit of JL.
I watched the third debate last night - there was a little bit more debating occuring and I did like David Dimbleby's tie - sorry - I'm so trivial...