Thursday, 4 March 2010

the only inanimate object in the Zodiac

I am a Libran.  Librans are often described as diplomatic, balanced, calm.

I am of the astrological theory (yes, and I can hear some of you shout 'rot!') that some Librans are not balanced.  They may search for balance but in this process they swing from one extreme to another, they flit, they adapt, they change and procrastinate in the spirit of finding the perfect balance, the equilibrium.  Guess where I think I fit?

This, I believe, is why my day to day life is not one of gentle balance but one of shift and change.  When I am at home, I feel I should be working.  When I am working, I want to be at home.  When I am knitting, I am thinking about sewing projects.  When I am alone, I want to be with friends.  My attention span needs, well, attention.  It's not at its longest or most concentrated at the moment.

I heard (although I should have realised) that Libra is the only object in the Zodiac.  Every other sign is represented in human or animal form.  What does that mean?  Does it mean Librans are somehow more analytical, less feeling, less emotional?  Perhaps that's why we go in for the yin/yang the see-saw thing?

One of my favourite aunts has just started blogging (I will reveal a link, soon) and in her profile she talks about living her life 'deliberately', making conscious choices about what she really wants to do and not 'going with the flow'.

I have long resigned myself to being a flibbertygibbet, a gatherer, a snacker on all sorts of stuff.  What I need now is a proper hearty meal, maybe three courses, not a buffet.

By the way, does anyone else think that 'Mad Men' has got a little dull, or is it me?  I think it's the lack of Joan about the place.


Georgina (remoteknitter) said...

Libras are lovely, always trying to see everything from every angle, and therefore whilst they make fabulous friends and partners, mothers and writers, they judge themselves harshly as nothing is every 'finished' in the sense of being the right choice made and the right action taken - there are always other choices.
A flibbertyjibbet is a wonderful thing, making the most of life in an endlessly varied world, trying as much as they can, perhaps not at the deepest level, but with good heart and with enough enthusiasm to share and inspire. Few people have the narrowness of vision to pursue an art or science to the deepest level, and perhaps suffer in some ways because of the constraints of their passion.
As for being the only 'object', never forget that Libra is actually a blindfolded woman holding scales, not just the scales themselves. You are feminine and fair - it makes you a wonderful observer and analyst, but may leave you feeling lonely, on the outside looking in.
I believe that going with the flow has much to commend it, once you believe in your own inate goodness and your Libran ability to weigh up situations fairly, you can do what you feel like doing in the safe knowledge that it is the right thing at the right time for you and the planet - even if it is staying bed all day, learning to juggle, or becoming a brain surgeon!

Sue Gee said...

I married a Libran - he is the most indecisive person I know and at the same time so predictable - because he cant make a decision he just does what he has always done -its easier and quicker! I suppose scales can only be balanced if there is equal weight on both sides - life will be in sync if you weigh things up before jumping in - but who wants to be balanced anyway - its far more fun to be a little unstable!

Only Me said...

I agree with Georgina who has written most eloquently.

I think a flibbertygibbet is a good thing and gives to a full, fun and 'never a dull moment' life.

Anonymous said...

Do I agree with the comments here? Well yes and no - I'm a Libran!