Thursday, 25 March 2010

back to normal motherdom...

- 3 doctor's appointments for minor child-related ailments

- washing of the muddiest socks and sports kit at least twice a week

- persuasion and cajolment to eat vegetables (avoiding necessity to visit doctors)

- school shoes with emerging holes requiring replacement

- contemplation of newly introduced weekly menu system (the theory fine, the practice haphazard)

- avoidance of necessary housework

- amazement at growth of dust on surfaces everywhere

- attempts at secret running (I kid you not) around village where people can't see me

- funny feeling in left hip

- realisation that eyebrows require attention and eyelashes are shrinking

- repeated listening to Gorillaz new CD, wondering whether I should at my age

I watched 'Women' again last night.  It was a great programme, featuring the London Feminist Network.  I'm not sure I could become a member.  I don't live in London and I wouldn't know how to make lentil sandwiches.  It was great to see some modern-day feminists though.  Like the programme makers, I thought that organised feminist activism was a dim and distant memory.  I was intrigued and 'feminism' is now on my list of 'things I'd like to think about when I've got a moment'.

I also watched the latter half of the programme on bread - I'd been to Shipton Mill with a colleague who is as obsessed by bread as I am by knitting and crafts.  It was fascinating to hear her take on making real bread with real yeast, not using breadmakers (I love my breadmaker) and doing the whole thing as it was meant to be done.  Another item to add to my 'moment list'.


marigold jam said...

It's funny how things go in cycles isn't it as from the other side of 60 I remember the last green phase when making bread and making do and mending were all the rage. I must go back to making my own bread I always used to back then and even had a small article on making it published in one of the self sufficiency type mags that I used to take. I must also go back to planning my weekly menus and shopping accordingly rather than the rather haphazzard approach I currently use. Thanks for reminding me of all this. Hope the left hip will be OK soon!

Jane x

Only Me said...

The treadmill of motherdom - muddy, wet sports kit is especially lovely with our current Wiltshire drizzly dampness.
Let me know if you need a visit from the local osteopath.

Gill said...

I haven't watched this week's Women programme yet...only the first one, but having benefitted hugely from those early feminists, I feel a real gratitude towards them for the action they took. I also feel a total wimp for simply going with the flow and not continuing their good work. But I agree, it's hard when you're not in the thick of it.

Have you done one of Clive's workshops at Shipton Mill? We have "his mother" in our fridge, feed her daily and love our bread! That's another programme on our Sky+ box, waiting for time to watch it.

Hope the hip is less painful soon.

Georgina (remoteknitter) said...

Ooh err sorry about the hip - have you been doing lots of gardening? My onion sets arrived today so I have a weekend task.
I still make monthly menus which at least gives me a decent shopping list, but I do find I make all the quick and easy meals first and keep putting off the latest Sarah Raven recipe ( I try to use a new recipe every week - try and fail - macaroni cheese is so eeeeeeasy!)

hausfrau said...

Having just dealt with this weeks hockey kit you have my sympathy. Couldn't face the final episode of Women, just reading the synopsis put me off.
It's Friday:it must be fish pie!

the mother of this lot said...

Sounds like one of my weeks!