Friday, 5 March 2010

are you free at the weekend?

I am!  I am being whisked away for 36 hours by the beloved G and Great Western Railways.  We are off to stay in St Martin's Lane, scene of our first date and subsequent shenanigans all those years ago.  Granny is coming to stay.  The kids have put their self-imposed ground rules on the fridge for reference and this old married couple will be in the first class carriage on the 10am to Paddington.

I am typing this in front of the fire, whilst my beloved of 21 years snores.  Jonathan Ross has just popped up with a couple of boring guests and Lady Gaga who is wearing some kind of veil and has one yellow bunch of hair, and one lilac.  It's time to get an relatively early night so that I can get get organised in the morning, pack and make sure provisions and whatnots are in place for the babysitter.

We are going to the theatre tomorrow night and apart from that have nothing planned except breakfast in bed on Sunday morning.  Bliss-city.

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Only Me said...

Sounds WONDERFUL - Have a fab time up in the great ol' Smoke.