Thursday, 4 February 2010

what lies beneath?

Oh dear....I think I've done something silly.  I had a little play with my settings as I seem to be getting spam visits to this little island of forty-ness.  As I type this, I notice that it's in a different font and a different size.  I have no idea what will happen when I press publish.

This week is turning out to be very long, very complicated and very rushed.  Next week promises to be exactly the same.  I work 3 days a week but I will have spent less than a day at my desk over a period of two weeks.  This does not make for an oasis of administrative calm.  It makes for badly composed emails, swiftly stapled piles of randomness and an impatience with anything that doesn't go exactly right - first time.

This is why, of course, I shouldn't try to address my spamming issues whilst concurrently MSNing with my aunt in South Africa.  I love MSNing with my aunts (the other is in Lancashire).  It's nice just to have that quick 'how are you' messaging thing going on. 

I have changed my working days around this week and am working tomorrow.  I am pleased to have very little to do this weekend other than plan for our upcoming trip.  I am also going to be the recipient of a very nice bag that my sister no longer has a home for.  I am looking forward to a ceremonial handbag transfer moment.

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Only Me said...

Enjoy stroking your lovely new handbag and having a relaxed weekend before it starts all over again next week.