Sunday, 7 February 2010

sunday shopping

We rarely venture out to shop 'en famille'.  I confess I am a terrible retail wanderer and find it difficult to shop 'with' someone else.  I get distracted by everything but my shopping companion's latest quest and tend to disappear, reappearing only after I have been texted from the deep of soft furnishings or haberdashery.  I am usually forgiven by friends but my family find this trait exasperating and have no hesitation in reminding me of my retail shortcomings. 

We took ourselves off this morning, however, to the glory that is Swindon Designer Outlet Village/Centre (?).  The reason?  The kids' shoes are beyond the realms of decent footwear and I needed long-sleeved somethings for our impending skiing bonanza.  The Outlet is full of outdoor type-shops.  We were hopeful.

We surpassed ourselves - 2 pairs of trainers (1 pair for a fiver), 2 pairs of walking boots (both 50% off), one pair of ugg-style boots (half price) and loads of t-shirts/tops and layers to keep us cosy.  We were done by lunchtime and we are now all settled at our usual Sunday pm occupations: blogging, watching sport and wiiiiiiiing. 

There's a chicken supper to look forward to and an episode of Lark Rise to veg in front of.  The fire is on and I've got a pile of magazines to snip away at. 

We're at the calm before the chaos of next week but thanks to Granny's return and the offer of some help from her, all is fine and dandy.  I am hoping that the talked about snow does not materialise and I'm looking forward to some knitting time on the train on Tuesday.  I wish I'd taken up knitting during my ten-year long train commute.  All that knitting and purling that could have been completed.  Such a waste.


hausfrau said...

Retail therapy with the family is rarely the same as with a like minded friend! Youngest and I also did a run on the Outlet village Sunday a.m. but we were spending her Claire's gift card and raiding the Gap. I went to Cribb's on Saturday with Eldest. If I have learnt nothing else I have understood that my shopping experience is considerably improved by taking one girl at a time.

Karen said...

I'm writing from Michigan--is there a Lark Rise TV series? Oh I hope we get it here. Yes, knitting is perfect for a train commute. No regrets, however!!!!! All's well.