Tuesday, 23 February 2010

a series of most fortunate events

In no particular order, chronological or otherwise

** we went skiing....to Bulgaria**

**it was prettier and snowier and lovelier than I thought it would be.  We ate well...but not at the establishment that offered the offerings below.**

**I spoke at an event run by Craft Club and met one of my textile heroes - Erika Knight.  

**I was recognised by a fellow blogger just from the things I was talking about - there's a first time for everything and it made me think of how much I share unwittingly here in this little piece of cyberwebness.**

**I enjoyed my skiing - my boots were comfy**

**Our chambermaid (can I still write that term?) did interesting things with our blankets and towels**



** She was tipped handsomely**
**I have done 10 loads of washing since Sunday morning**

**I am considering dropping the iron**


hausfrau said...

I'm sure you can write 'chambermaid', and she deserved her tip. But did you enjoy the skiing?
Scary to be recognised at random I think. On the whole I guess we have to hope no one with nasty plans could be bothered to read our blogs, and be as unspecific as possible!

Georgina (remoteknitter) said...

You mean to say you don't make your beds like that everyday???
Bob just came back from a weeks snowboarding in Bulgaria - he had a stomach upset for the duration but said that being veggie wouldn't have been impossible if he had been able to eat!!
I heard that Gill spotted you!!!

Gill said...

Let me reassure you that it wasn't anything you wrote here that identified you, but your email address when you commented on my blog a while back! Email addresses which include names (like yours) or addresses (like mine) give away far more information than a blog - if I knew then what I know now I'd have gone for an altogether different one, but it's way too much of a faff to change it now.

We also move in similar circles, I think.

Oh heck...see....I still worry about acting like a stalker!!

So glad your skiing trip went well. Interesting country?

Only Me said...

It looks great, - the 'grill' options look very orange!

Definitely drop the iron - I'm very good at smoothing clothes over before placing in drawers - you may have noticed this ....