Thursday, 11 February 2010

our service will resume shortly....

2010 is proving to be one of those full-on years.  I usually manage to maintain a low and inert profile until Easter most years but this year has just grabbed me round the neck and dragged me into full on doing and thinking and getting on.

I knew I was in trouble when I spoke to my mum this morning.  She'd left a message before 9am which I couldn't pick up because my mobile doesn't work where I work (another story).  I called her as I saw there was a missed call.
'What time do you want me?'
'What time?'
'I thought I'd meet you in town with E and hand her over at about 12.'
'It's 10 now.'
'I know.'
This went on for sometime until we both realised that I'd asked for granny roadside assistance for the wrong day at the wrong time and we were talking at complete crossed purposes and I had completely lost track of time, date, events, how many children I had.

I have had a fantastic but very busy week and have had several new experiences:
- I visited the new anthropologie shop in Regent's Street (very lovely, quite pricey)
- I was high-fived for my middle-aged ability to match my purse to my handbag (purse for the americans amongst you)
- I saw the amazing Chris Ofili exhibition at Tate Britain and was swept away
- I ate fish accompanied by chorizo which was strangely flavoursome

These four new experiences happened in the few hours I spent in London on Wednesday.  I think I should stick to the city in small bursts.  All a bit exciting for a lady of my age and situation.

I won't be here for a while as I'm going to power-down and absent myself from normal routines for a week or so.

Enjoy half-term if you're having one.


Only Me said...

Sprout curry one week and fish with chorizo the next - am v pleased it was far more flavoursome than the curry.

Sounds like a great day in London - I think I might have to have a little peak at the Chris Ofili exhibition when we are next that way.

Have a most excellent week away.

Karen said...

Come back when you can! No rush!